Easter Egg Bag Toppers … Free to Download …

Easter Egg Bag Toppers 001

  Yesterday I shared with you the Easter “Bunny Tails” Bag Topper here so today I am sharing a similar version of the same idea but this time using Chocolate Easter Eggs instead of Marshmallows. Exchanging Easter eggs with their friends is something my girls loved to do at school (when they were younger) and […]

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Easter “Bunny Tails” Bag Toppers … Free to Download …

Easter Bunny Tails Bag Toppers 001

  When my girls were younger, they loved giving their friends a small bag of chocolate Easter eggs or Marshmallows at Easter time. It was just a small gesture that encouraged them to share and get into the spirit and fun of Easter. So, if you’re looking to do something similar, here’s a simple idea […]

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Easter Egg/Gift Shopping List … Free to Download …

Easter EggGift Shopping List Feature Image

  Easter may be just around the corner but it’s not too late to get organised. If Easter has snuck up on you, download your free copy of my Easter Egg/Gift Shopping List and get back on track. I’ve been using this list for over 15 years as it helps me decide who I need […]

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The Naked Cowboy … New York City …

The Naked Cowboy 001

  I ♥ N Y … you will see that message emblazoned on t-shirts everywhere you look and I guarantee that, once you’ve visited, it will steal your heart as well. We’ve been to New York City twice now and, on our first visit with the kids, we encountered the Naked Cowboy, who has become one of […]

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How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 2) …

How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 2) 001

  Last week, my decluttering task was to clean out the top drawer in the main bathroom and I’m pleased to announce “Mission Accomplished”. Doesn’t it feel great to achieve something that’s been on your “To Do List”?   This week I’ve decided to tackle the next two drawers. The top drawer held most of […]

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Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls …

Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls 001

I’m always looking for new and exciting things to add to my daughters’ lunchboxes. These Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls are a great little healthy snack and you can whip them up in not time at all. These are a particularly great option because they contain no nuts. 5.0 from 1 reviews Lemon […]

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10 Reasons to Make Your Bed Every Morning …

Ten to Make our Bed Every Morning 001

  What’s the first chore or job you complete in the morning? For me, I always make the bed when I get up (unless, of course, hubby is still asleep) and open the curtains. I suppose it’s a habit that I developed from a young age, so here are ten good reasons to make the […]

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Party Invitations … Little Monsters … Free to Download …


Perfect for an upcoming party for a small child, I’ve created this cute birthday invitation that’s available for you to download and print (just click on the download button below or visit the “Free Downloads” tab on the right-hand side of this page).   In the coming weeks, I will create more gorgeous invitations for […]

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A Letter to My Girls …


Today, I thought I would share a letter I wrote to my beautiful daughters a couple of years ago …     To my Darling Girls,   The road you travel through your teenage years can be full of potholes and obstacles, destined to trip you as you walk this difficult path. But with a […]

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Chilli Con Carne …

Chilli con Carne 001

This is a favourite in my house and I cook it quite often. Chilli Con Carne is basically a stew containing meat (usually beef), capsicums, tomatoes and beans. While the name suggests that this will be a spicy dish, it’s really up to you whether you make it mild or hot. This recipe is […]

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How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 1) …

How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 1) 001

  Bathroom drawers can get very messy, especially if you have teenage girls living in the house and they have a particular fondness for makeup. Raise your hand now if you know what I’m talking about!   Miss 21 has claimed the main bathroom as hers, which is okay because hubby and I have an […]

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Chocolate Raspberry Muffins …

Chocolate Raspberry Muffins 002

Okay, so a muffin isn’t necessarily going to be the healthiest snack out there but this recipe is definitely an improvement on one of my old favourites. I’ve added apple puree, which reduces the quantity of butter used and I also used low fat or skim milk, which I do in most of […]

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