Bathroom Labels … Free to Download …

Bathroom Labels 001

Recently on the blog I shared the story of how I organised my main bathroom and you can read about that here, here and here. To help me locate things easily and to be super organised, I created a gorgeous set of labels which I cut out, laminated and attached to the various baskets and […]

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10 Ways to be a Savvy Fashionista and Never Pay Full Price …

10 Ways to be a Svvy Fashionista and Never Pay Full Price 001

If I could pass on one piece of fashion advice to my girls, it would be this … avoid paying full price for any fashion items. Regardless of what I buy, whether it’s tops, skirts, jeans, shoes, dresses, coats, handbags, etc. I very rarely pay the full price and, as a result, I save a […]

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Apricot Bliss Balls …

Apricot Bliss Balls 001

After achieving success with my Chocolate Bliss Balls, I was keen to produce an apricot version to give my family a bit of variety. I searched the internet but couldn’t find exactly the right recipe so I’ve created my own. This version still uses a lot of the common ingredients I noticed in the other […]

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I Love Entering Competitions …

I love entering Competitions 001

At school, I was never very good at English and if there’s one thing I could say for sure, I was definitely no poet. I couldn’t string two rhyming lines together to save myself and as for odes and sonnets, well, thank goodness I had talents in other areas!! But last year, as a hobby, […]

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Pea and Ham Soup …

Pea and Ham Soup 001

This is one of my favourite soups because it takes me back to my childhood. It’s one of those comfort foods that reminds me of Mum working away in the kitchen while we played nearby. For me it ticks all the boxes: easy, quick to prepare, full of goodness, made in a single pot and […]

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Nachos (that’s not so naughty) …

Nachos 001

Apart from being delicious, most Mexican food is quite easy to prepare and, with a bit of “know how”, your kitchen will soon be known as the best “cantina” in the neighbourhood. And nothing is more Mexican than Nachos. It’s always been a popular choice at my house, perfect as a snack, a quick Sunday […]

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Lunchbox Ideas … Fruit Kebabs …

Fruit Kebabs 001

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Mums I talk to who experience frustration when preparing lunchboxes for their kids. You can read more about that here. So, today I’ve got another idea to share with you that will hopefully alleviate some of that frustration and encourage your kids to eat more fruit […]

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Corn and Bacon Soup …

Corn and Bacon Soup 001

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to share another soup recipe. Corn and Bacon Soup is a family favourite because it’s delicious and full of flavour. I usually serve this with a beautiful crusty Onion and Parmesan Cob from Woolworths … absolutely yummy and fills hungry tummies! Corn and Bacon Soup …   […]

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Mother Knows Best …


Mums are clever and usually always right (as much as we sometimes hate to admit that)! However, there’s a certain security and trust in their wisdom because it comes from years and years of experience. Mums constantly share little pieces of information and encouragement to help and guide us as we navigate our way through […]

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Sticky Date Muffins …

Sticky Date Muffins 001

I’ve been baking quite a lot lately making sure I’ve got loads of goodies in the freezer ready for lunchboxes. Here is another of my all time favourite muffin recipes … Sticky Date Muffins. These are so delicious, incredibly moist and they also freeze beautifully! This recipe is very versatile as well because I have […]

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The Things I Love Most About a Cruise Holiday …


Have you ever been on a cruise or have you booked to travel on one in the future? Cruising is such a wonderful holiday and we travelled on the Pacific Star almost 8 years ago. It was a seven-day Cruise which left from Brisbane and sailed to Noumea, Lifou and Vila before returning home. Today […]

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Blogs I Love to Follow … Life, Love and Hiccups …

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 9.41.47 PM

If you hover your mouse over the “Blogging” title on the green menu, a little drop down will reveal a heading “Blogs I Follow”, click and a list will appear of some of my favourite blogs. Looks a little bare, doesn’t it? Well, today it’s time to reveal the name of another wonderful blog to […]

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