Party Invitations … Two Little Owls … Free to Download …


The first step to hosting a fantastic party is a fantastic party invitation! Whether it’s a birthday party or some other special occasion, nothing creates excitement more for young children than a great invitation. In the coming weeks I will be making available to my readers a lovely selection of invitations for you to download […]

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Chocolate Bliss Balls …

Chocolate Bliss Balls 002

I love anything that I can whip up, in no time at all, into a little ball of goodness and these Chocolate Bliss Balls certainly fit the bill. I also love that they contain no sugar or gluten and are made from beautiful, delicious, luscious, fresh dates. They are so easy to make … simply […]

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New Beginnings …


Hello and welcome to my blog! I had hoped to publish my first post on January 1st. Unfortunately, fate and the universe had other ideas but here we are anyway. It is still early in 2014 and for me this still represents a new beginning! I just love a new beginning, don’t you? It’s an […]

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Cranberry and Orange Muffins …

Cranberry and Orange Muffins 001

Welcome to 2015 and Happy New Year to you all ! Let’s kick off with one of my favourite muffin recipes … Cranberry and Orange Muffins … perfect for morning teas and lunchboxes. Why not whip up a batch and freeze them in preparation for the kiddos heading back to school. Cranberry […]

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