What’s My Food and Cooking Philosophy?

I bake and cook a lot and I’m often asked by people where I find the time. The answer for me is simple … it’s not easy, however, number one, I enjoy it and and number two I decided a long time ago that my family’s nutrition was something I wanted to focus on. But like I said … it’s hard!! Like a lot of Mums, I’m trying to juggle part-time work, keeping my house looking somewhat respectable (that’s a constant work in progress), looking after the kids and generally doing everything else that us Mum’s have to do! And often, the last thing I feel like doing is … read more

Lunchbox Planner … Free to Download …

  Some mornings can be a bit or a rush or you can just get stuck in a rut of what to give the kids for lunch. That used to happen to me until I created my Lunchbox Planner. At the start of the weekend I try to plan what I need for the kids lunches, add any items to my grocery list and prepare for the week ahead. It also helps me plan any baking I want to get done on the weekend so that there are muffins, slices, balls and cakes cooked, frozen and ready to go. The end result is that the kids have nutritious, healthy lunches with plenty of variety and I feel … read more