School Formal Checklist …


Grade 12 is the final year of High School for most Australian kids. It can be stressful for those that are striving for entry into their chosen university, whereas it can be a more relaxed experience for those who just want to finish school and make it to the end. But regardless of the stresses and workload, one of the highlights of the final year is the School Formal.


Depending on the school, the Formal can be held at any stage throughout Year 12 but mostly it’s at the end of the year as a Celebration of the end of around 13 years of schooling. Especially for girls, there is a lot to organise and think about … everything from hair, to makeup, shoes, “the dress”, and so on. So, to help be organised for this very special night, I’ve created a School Formal Checklist which will give you a simple way to remember all the details and keep a record of any appointments, ensure some important item isn’t overlooked or forgotten as well as create a budget and keep track of spending.



Each page has been designed to print on a standard A4 page and just remember to adjust your printer settings to print each page at 100%.


I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share with family and friends … they’ll thank you for it!


For a Mother’s Survival Guide for Buying a Formal Dress, click on the link below: