Practical Tips that Helped Cut the Cost of my Washing Powder by MORE THAN HALF …

Practical Tips that Helped Cut the Cost of my Washing Powder by Moree Than Half! 001


If you’re on a mission to save money and reduce your household budget, one place to start is in the laundry. As washing powder will be an essential item on most household shopping lists, I’ve put together a list of practical tips which will help cut its cost by at least half, if not more. Not only will you save cash but most of these tips will be kinder to the environment because less product used also means less packaging and transporting of the final product. And the savings won’t just stop there, because if you buy and use less powder and also do fewer loads of washing, you’ll save water, electricity and time … gotta love that!


  • Only use half of the recommended amount. This is my number one tip which I learned from a washing machine mechanic over 20 years ago … and it works! He said many washing machines and their pipes became clogged due to excess powder and he suggested using only half the recommended amount. I followed his advice and this one simple tip has meant I’ve saved a small fortune on the cost of washing powder. I must admit, I was skeptical at first and worried that if I used less than the recommended amount my washing wouldn’t be as clean, but honestly, that’s never been the case. If anything, my clothes feel cleaner and lighter as there is no powder residue or build up in the fabric which can leave clothes feeling hard and stiff. Try it … you’ll be pleasantly surprised. My trick is to throw out the scoop that comes inside the box and replace it with a measuring cup or scoop equivalent to half the suggested amount. Replacing the scoop is a great way to prevent overuse and removes any guesswork. Even Choice Magazine has conducted tests that suggest the cleanliness of your clothes won’t suffer by using less washing powder.


  • Try a cheaper/different brand of washing powder and save even more. You could be surprised by the quality of some cheaper washing powders and save a heap of cash in the process. Recommendations from family and friends and online reviews can help you test a different brand. Choice Magazine has also tested dozens of washing powders and the results have indicated that many cheaper washing powders perform as well and sometimes better that their more expensive counterparts. My favourite washing powder is “DUO” and it happens to also be one of the cheapest.



Practical Tips that Helped Cut the Cost of my Washing Powder by Moree Than Half! 002



  • Buy in bulk … rather than shopping at the supermarket, I buy my ‘DUO” at Big W in a 5kg bulk pack. The regular price is $13.00/box, which works out to only $2.60/kg. I have also previously bought this same product on sale as low as $10.00/box … even bigger savings!


  • Buy washing powder only when it’s on special … keep an eye on catalogues and if the unit price (i.e. price/kg) drops below what you normally pay, consider stockpiling and buying an extra box or two.


  • Keep a spare box of washing powder in the cupboard to prevent “emergency” buys when you run out. Don’t get caught out having to spend full price on your regular brand or having to buy a more expensive brand because the washing powder you usually use is out of stock or not on special.


  • Only wash full loads and avoid smaller loads … not only will you save washing powder but also water and electricity.


  • Wash clothes only when they need it. This will help reduce the number of loads you wash meaning you will use less washing powder. Many clothing items such as jeans and jumpers can be worn more than once before they need washing. Same with pyjamas, sheets and towels which only need to be washed once a week.


  • Encourage family members (especially young kids and teens) to hang up clothes that aren’t dirty, rather than dropping them on the floor. Worse still, if kids get dressed and then decide to wear something else, you could find yourself washing clothes that haven’t even been worn. If you can overcome this, it will reduce the number of loads you need to do, which will in turn reduce the amount of washing powder you also use.


  • Make sure your washing machine is clean otherwise that may affect the cleanliness of your clothes. You don’t want to waste washing powder (and water and electricity) by having to rewash clothes because the machine was dirty.


  • And finally, when the time comes to buy a new washing machine, be sure to check it’s efficiency. Try to choose a machine that is not only energy and water efficient but one that also uses minimal washing powder.


So tell me, what’s your favourite budget-friendly washing powder and do you have any other tips to share?


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