25 Delicious Fillings for Sandwiches, Wraps, Pitas and Bread Rolls …

25 Delicious Fillings for Sandwiches, Wraps, Pitas and Bread Rolls


Very soon kids will be returning to school and parents everywhere will jump back into the routine of preparing lunchboxes. Some kids crave the familiarity of having the same sandwich every day whereas there’ll be others who get bored and want variety.


Remember to check your school’s lunchbox policy to see if there are any foods like peanut butter that are banned and then you could spice things up with some of the gorgeous sandwich fillings below. All of the suggestions use common items from the fridge and pantry and I’ve included some ideas for using up leftover meats. To save time things like carrot and cheese can be grated the night before.


It’s a good idea to write a lunchbox plan on the weekend so that you know ahead of time the ingredients needed and to allow you to plan for some variety. Click on the link below for my Lunchbox Planner available for you to download absolutely FREE.





Interesting lunches are more likely to be eaten than thrown out in the playground bin, so here are some simple ideas:


  1. Chicken, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise


  1. Chicken, bacon, avocado and lettuce


  1. Chicken Schnitzel with tomato paste and cheese


  1. Ham, cheese and sprouts


  1. Ham, cream cheese, carrot and lettuce


  1. Ham and avocado


  1. Egg (plain or curried) and lettuce


  1. Egg with bacon and sprouts


  1. Turkey, cranberry sauce and lettuce


  1. Tuna, shallot, celery and mayonnaise


  1. Tuna, avocado and lettuce


  1. Bacon, cheese and lettuce


  1. Banana, honey and sultanas


  1. Rissoles with salad and tomato sauce


  1. Roast beef with chutney and lettuce (or sprouts)


  1. Roast beef with crunchy coleslaw


  1. Roast beef with cheese and corn relish


  1. Beef with hommus, semi-dried tomatoes and shallots


  1. Lamb, tzatziki, cucumber, cheese and sprouts


  1. Lamb with hommus, grated cheese and spinach leaves


  1. Salami and salad


  1. Pulled pork with barbecue sauce and cheese


  1. Cheese and vegemite


  1. Ricotta, carrot and sultana


  1. Cream cheese, cucumber and sprouts


You’ll notice that I haven’t included any “wet” ingredients in the flavour combinations above like tomato, beetroot or pineapple as these can cause a sandwich, wrap pita or bread roll to become very soggy. You can either drain these items really well on paper towel before adding them or, alternatively, send them separately in a small zip lock bag or container to be added just before the sandwich is eaten. This might be a difficult option for small children but perfectly okay for older kids or adults. If you do choose to add them to the sandwich, place them in the middle between things like cheese and lettuce where they won’t touch the bread.

Don’t be afraid to also use leftovers from the previous night’s dinner to make lunches interesting. Using up sliced lamb, beef, pork, chicken, etc. is ideal and even adding things like mashed roast pumpkin can really add some great flavours to a sandwich, wrap, pita or bread roll. Using up those leftovers will prevent waste which will ultimately save money.


Another great idea is to toast the sandwich, wrap, pita or bread roll … yes, it will be cold but it can add a texture which is nice for a change.


So tell me, are your kids “creatures of habit” or do they crave different fillings every day? Can you suggest other meat or salad items to include for lunch and what are some of your kids favourite flavour combinations?



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