Halloween Poster … “Sorry but we have no more lollies” …



Although it’s largely an American tradition, we’ve celebrated Halloween with our kids for years, especially when they were younger. They’d excitedly get dressed up, then “trick or treat” in neighbouring streets and it was always a lot of fun. Although the kids are now older, we still continue to hand out chocolates to any “ghost”, “witch” or “goblin” who knocks on our door. We usually start the evening with a fairly large bowl that’s full of yummy chocolate but sometimes we run out.


Around 10 years ago, we happened to be in America during Halloween and I saw a similar poster and thought it was a fantastic idea. I whipped up my own version, so when we do run out of lollies, we turn off the outside light and pop one of these cute signs on our front gate. It discourages anyone from knocking and it also works well if you don’t participate in Halloween.


It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE To download, simply click on the link below and print. I’ve laminated my sign so I can use it year after year and please feel free to share with family and friends.





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