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When you think about the number of cleaning products that the average household needs, it can become quite a collection. There are cleaning products for the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and so on, and these are often kept in a central cupboard/area. However, I’ve always looked for ways to clean more simply, quickly and efficiently and I achieve this in the bathroom by keeping all the cleaning products I need right where I need them … in the bathroom.


It’s so convenient (everything is at my fingertips), it saves me time and it motivates me to spot clean more frequently. Any spills and stains can be taken care of straight away instead of ignored until later, which keeps the bathroom looking clean and fresh. This works for me because I’ve just renovated my bathroom and have loads of storage space, but it may not work for everyone.


A Bathroom Cleaning Kit is very easy to create. A simple plastic basket from the $2 shop/Discount store will do the trick if you don’t have a spare one lying around. A caddy with a handle is also a good idea but it really isn’t essential. Then you simply need to stock it with your preferred products and whether you use natural/homemade products or store-bought cleaners is really just personal choice.


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So what’s in my Bathroom Cleaning Kit:


  • Toilet Duck Disinfectant … perfect for getting right up under the rim of the toilet. I always scrub the toilet daily with a toilet brush but once a week I like to give it a squirt with Toilet Duck to kill germs and bacteria.


  • A selection of cloths … a soft sponge for general cleaning, a microfibre cloth for the mirror, shower screens and tiles and a soft cloth for drying and polishing taps and towel rails.


  • Spray and Wipe All Purpose Spray … I mostly clean with just water and a microfibre cloth but occasionally I like to use Spray and Wipe on the bench and basins to cut through any grime. The microfibre cloth is perfect for glass shower screens, mirrors and tiles because it cleans thoroughly without leaving streaks. You can read more here for tips to make your mirrors sparkle. On the floors I use a steam mop, which also relies only on water.


  • Glitz Mould Spray … mould loves moisture and the area around the plug hole, base of the taps and the shower are the perfect breeding ground. A spray once a week in these areas tends to keep mould away.


  • An old toothbrush … for getting into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.


  • Gumption … for removing any tough stains and shower scum.


  • Drano Crystals for clearing blocked drains … no matter how hard I try to keep the bathroom drains clear, they do block up, mostly with hair … the downside of having 3 daughters with long hair! I may only need to use it once every 6 months but Drano Crystals are effective for clearing out the hair and gunk.


  • Gloves … to keep my hands from drying out or reacting to any chemicals.


  • Bi-Carb Soda (stored in a large salt shaker) … I don’t generally use this in the bathroom but I store it with my Bathroom Cleaning Kit and use it to deodorize my mattress every couple of months. You can read more about that here.



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Being able to reach into the drawer to grab what I need, when I need it makes cleaning the bathroom quick and easy. It also motivates me to wipe the mirror and sinks almost daily because the cloths are in reach and I know that doing this will inhibit the growth of mould.


I’ve previously shared my Bathroom Labels, which are available to you to download absolutely free by clicking on the “free to download” banners below. Simply, print, laminate and cut out.









There’s also a fantastic Bathroom Cleaning Checklist available totally free as well … simply click on the “free to download” banner below.





Creating a separate Cleaning Kit just for the bathroom means I don’t need to carry around a Caddy full of products that aren’t needed for that particular room. It also means that if I run out of a product in another part of the house, I can “borrow” from my Kit until I have time to shop for a replacement. Having done this for a long time, I‘ve found it saves time and is a really efficient way for me to clean the bathroom.


So tell me, where do you store your cleaning products and do you have a cleaning kit specifically for your bathroom? If so, what products do you like and use?



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