Back to School Checklist …

Back to School Checklist


Returning to school after the holidays can be a really busy time with so much to remember and even more to actually do. It can bring a whole range of emotions … it’s an exciting time for most but it can also be a very stressful time for Mums and Dads as you prepare your child and all their needs.


If you’re not careful, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and then forget something important. So I’ve created a FREE “Back to School” Checklist for you to download and help you stay on track. It lists most of the common things you will need to consider when organising kids to start school each year and also includes a list of uniform items. Work through the list, cross things off as you go and you’ll be organised in no time at all. Good Luck!





If you have any specific questions about heading back to school, please email me and I’ll do my best to help. In the meantime, download your FREE copy of the “Back to School” Checklist and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.


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  1. I can’t believe how quickly the holidays have gone by and that it’s now time to be preparing for the kids to go back to school. I love your morning check-list! xx

    • These holidays have flown by in a flash and I can’t believe my last daughter is finishing Grade 12 this year! I’m going to treasure this year and soak up every moment x

  2. Even though we’re well into term time, this list is still useful for day to day organisation. Thanks! Trying to stay on top of organisation throughout the term means that you won’t suddenly find you’re faced with loads to do one weekend. Plus, if you’re organised as a parent, it will teach your kids to value organisational skills too.