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I love family traditions because they create such special memories that live with us and our children forever. Over the years, we’ve created many Christmas traditions that we still keep going even though my kids are now teenagers and young adults. Christmas is such a magical time and small, simple traditions can help put a smile on your face whether your 6 or 60!


Creating your own traditions doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t even take a lot of effort, like this one … “Santa’s Magical Key”!


We’ve been doing this for years because, if there was one question that was always asked by my kids at Christmas, it was this one … “If the front door is locked, how does Santa get inside to deliver presents to boys and girls everywhere?” Good question!


Gone are the days when he could just slide down the chimney as most houses no longer have one! Instead, Santa has to get a little more creative … with a bit of help from Mums and Dads, of course. So we answered that question with the little poem below that was attached to a key and delivered to our door by Santa’s elves in the final couple of days before Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Eve, we simply hung the “special” key outside the front door so that Santa could get inside quickly and quietly.


This key is very special you see,

It won’t work for just you and me …

Hang it just outside your door,

Go to bed and worry no more …

Close your eyes and close them tight,

For Santa Clause is coming tonight.


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So, if you like the sound of this little tradition, I’ve created 2 little goodies for you to download completely free … a tag to attach to your “Santa’s Magical Key” which features the poem above and a “Special Delivery” label for you to cut out and attach to a little wrapped box holding the key. Simply deliver the “parcel” a couple of days before Christmas Eve for the kids to open.





I bought my key a few years ago, it was a simple decoration that only cost a few dollars. Whatever key you decide to use it doesn’t need to cost a lot … any old or rustic-looking key will do the job.


Santa's Magical Key 007



One small suggestion … if you’re going to use your key for a number of years, you might want to laminate the tag to protect it.


This is a sweet little tradition that helps contribute to the magic of Christmas for little ones.


So tell me, do you already follow this tradition or are you now inspired to give it a go?


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  1. Love it! My older children are now young adults but they still want to hang on to the traditions we’ve always had of reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve and having the same menu, and hanging stockings and decorating the tree and listening to our Christmas music on ‘shuffle’ and watching the carols from the Myer Music Bowl. It’s so important to have these lovely family traditions. The poem for the key is gorgeous! xx

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