Soap V Liquid Hand Wash … Which One I Prefer and How I Save on its Cost …



If you’re looking to cut costs and save money it’s often the little everyday things that we do without thinking that can make a difference … $2 here and $5 dollars there doesn’t seem like much but it can add up. I love to regularly track my spending and review where my cash goes. I then challenge myself to see if there’s a way to spend less so that I can harness those savings and put the spare cash towards something I would really love like a family holiday.


One little way I’ve discovered to save some money is on how I buy and use liquid hand wash. I will readily admit that a normal bar of soap is even cheaper but I do prefer the liquid variety. Essentially both will do the same job of washing away dirt and bacteria and cleaning your hands. It’s really personal preference but here are the main reasons I prefer liquid hand wash:


  • Liquid hand wash usually contains moisturizer making it gentler on my skin. My hands do tend to dry out more when I use normal soap.


  • Some varieties of liquid hand wash also contain antibacterial agents to help kill germs, which is perfect for cold and flu season.


  • Liquid hand wash is neater looking and easier to keep clean. I use it in the bathroom and the kitchen and store it in a simple white ceramic pump dispenser. Soap can become slimy and mushy once it gets wet, which also makes it difficult and slippery to pick up. I generally find a liquid soap dispenser quick and easy to clean by wiping with a damp sponge. Soap by comparison can either dry hard or become a gluggy mess on the bench or in the soap dish, which takes more time and effort to clean.


  • I also find there’s less water splashed around with liquid hand wash because it can be pumped into your hand before turning the water on without the need for a dripping hand to return a wet bar of soap to a dish after use, making it an easy and less messy option for kids.


There’s no denying that liquid hand wash is more expensive than a regular bar of soap but I’ve been able to cut the cost with a few simple tricks:


  • Large refill bottles are more economical for filling a reusable dispenser. This is much cheaper than buying a regular size bottle each time with a new pump.


  • Buying a generic or home brand refill cuts the cost further and, in my experience, they work just as well.


  • Finally I dilute my hand wash with plain old tap water. When the dispenser needs refilling, I simply add the liquid hand wash to a small jug with an equal measure of water, stir and then pour into the dispenser. I avoid adding the liquid soap and water directly into the dispenser because I often end up with bubbles exploding from the top of the bottle when shaking it to combine the two. The diluted hand wash lathers just as well, gets your hands just as clean but stretches twice as far for half the price. It flows more easily from the dispenser and prevents any blockages due to the hand wash being too thick.


So tell me, which do you prefer … soap or liquid hand wash and why?