How to Care for Your Bath Towels …

How to Care for your Bath Towels 001


One of the earliest stories I shared on the blog was my Bath Towel Buying Guide … a list of things that I consider when buying new bath towels. I love having nice towels in the bathroom and once I’ve bought gorgeous new towels, I like to keep them looking fabulous for as long as possible.


Here are some simple tips to help you care for your towels so they will look fresher and last longer:


  • Always wash new towels in cold water before you use them for the first time. This will reduce any lint. It will also help to improve absorbency because manufacturers often coat new towels in a special fabric softener to make them look more appealing and fluffy when on display in shops. Adding a cup of vinegar to the same wash cycle will help to prevent fading, particularly for darker towels, and it will help to set the colour.


  • Try to limit the amount of time towels spend in the dryer. High heat can damage the towel fibres so, either use a lower heat setting or pop them in the dryer for only a short time at the end of the drying process.


  • Wash light towels separately from darker towels to prevent the lighter towels from discolouring.


  • Use minimal detergent and always rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. Adding a cup of vinegar to the wash every month or so can help to maintain absorbency, remove any residue build up and also get rid of any musty smell that might develop. Using too much detergent to wash your towels could also leave them rough and scratchy.


  • I tend to wash my towels separately from other items and I also make sure I don’t overload the washing machine. Towels will be cleaned more effectively if they have plenty of water to soak and wash.


  • Avoid fabric softeners because, over time, they can potentially reduce absorbency as they leave a residue on the fibres.


  • Avoid getting makeup, skincare and toothpaste on your towels as certain ingredients in these products can damage and discolour the towels. If your towels do become stained, treat the stain and wash the towel straight away before the stain has a chance to dry and set.


  • Always hang your bath towels after use, preferably individually and spread out, so they have a chance to dry out completely and quickly. Towels left in a crumpled heap on the bathroom floor become a breading ground for mould and bacteria, which could potentially ruin your towels.


  • Avoid using your bathroom towels around the house for other purposes. Towels will deteriorate quickly if they’re not treated with a bit of tender loving care. I keep some older towels for cleaning jobs around the house.


A little bit of effort will not only help your towels look great but will help them last as long as possible. I tend to also buy good quality towels so that I don’t have to replace them too often.


So tell me, have you purchased a particular brand of towel that has washed and lasted well? I love a good recommendation so please share …




  1. If only I could get my kids to stop leaving their towels on the floor! I have changed the colour of many towels by washing them with something darker where the colour has bled! Great tips on looking after towels xx

    • Towels on the floor are so frustrating, aren’t they! My kids used to be guilty of that when they were younger but they’re not too bad now … thank goodness because it used to drive me crazy! x