The Day I was SAVED by Cake 2 The Rescue & a Giveaway!

The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 001


I have a huge family and, at last count, have in excess of 30 nieces and nephews … hard to believe … but it’s true! And because we’re such a close family, there’s always a birthday or other event to celebrate. One of my little nieces had a birthday coming up and my sister was fretting over how she was going to find time to bake a cake because she was just so busy. Around the same time, I was contacted by the lovely Lou Duggan from Cake 2 the Rescue to see if I would be interested in trying and reviewing one of her Cake Kits. Well, I didn’t need to be asked twice, the “Gods” were definitely smiling on me that day, and Lou’s timing was absolutely perfect!


Cake 2 the Rescue was born out of Lou’s desire to help Mums and Dads create lasting memories for their kids on their special day, simply and easily without the hassle. The Kits are a fairly simple concept and the process works like this … visit the website,, choose your design, pay and your Kit will be delivered directly to your door.


The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 002


I chose the Elmo cake and was so excited when my Kit arrived. It came in a sturdy cardboard box featuring the super cute “Cake 2 The Rescue” logo.


The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 003


I anticipated that the Kit would contain the basic ingredients I would need to put together my cake but even I was surprised by all the extras that come standard with each Kit. My Kit contained:


  • The basic cake mix to create a vanilla cake (you can choose chocolate as well)


  • The icing sugar to help create the frosting


  • All the different coloured fondants I would need … in this case, white, black and orange


  • A template to help cut out the basic cake shape as well as templates to help create any elements that need to be added to the cake such as noses and eyes, etc.


  • An Instruction Sheet that was clear and detailed and which also included additional helpful tips


  • Candles


  • Food colouring


  • A silver plastic Cake Server


  • One rolling pin


  • One disposable baking pan


The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 004


I only needed to add the fresh ingredients like milk, eggs and butter. Every single thing I needed to create the cake was in the Kit and there was no need for me to go searching for special equipment or loads of extra ingredients.


The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 005


The other thing that stood out for me was just how easy the cake was to make and how quickly I was able to create my masterpiece. I simply combined the cake mix with the fresh ingredients I needed to supply, whisked it in the electric mixer, poured it into the disposable cake box and popped it in the oven. Once cooked, which took about an hour, I simply folded down the sides of the box to allow the cake to cool before using the templates to cut out the shape and then I iced the cake. The kids and I had a ball making the cake and I spent the whole time squealing, “How easy is this!” because it really was!


The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 006



The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 007


The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 008


And the thing that made this kit so easy were the instructions that are clear, well layed out and simple to follow.


The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 010


This Kit was an absolute lifesaver! If I’d had to find a recipe and make another cake, totally from scratch, I’ve got no doubt I would have been crying into my mixing bowl within 5 minutes, cursing and bemoaning the fact I’d volunteered to make the cake. Instead, I created a spectacular cake, with very little effort or stress and had an enormous amount of fun in the process.


And the cake was a hit … not only did it look spectacular but it tasted fantastic. The cake itself was a lovely vanilla flavour, which was deliciously moist!


The Day I was Saved by Cake 2 the Rescue 011


So, the burning question, would I order a Cake Kit again? Well, that’s easy … ABSOLUTELY! This Kit removed every ounce of stress from the process of producing an impressive cake for a child’s birthday party. I didn’t need to waste time searching for a recipe, I didn’t need to race around the shops buying the ingredients, I didn’t need to create difficult shapes with nothing to guide me and it meant I had fun instead of fretting and worrying. I also didn’t spend hours pulling my hair out in frustration! And, the “icing on the cake” (pardon the pun but I couldn’t resist) is that your family and friends will think you’re an absolute “Rock Star” for producing such an incredible cake!


I also think these Kits represent outstanding value at around $50 – $55 each, when you take into account the cost of ingredients as well as the cost of your time and effort with regards to planning what to make and then running around to buy everything. Your hardest decision will be which cake to order as there are over 160 designs to choose from … WOW!


Lou would also love to give one lucky reader a chance to win their very own Cake 2 The Rescue Cake Kit of choice. Here’s what you need to do:



  • On any of the photos on Instagram, which feature Cake2TheRescue, tag 3 friends and leave a comment under the same photo telling me which cake you will choose if you win. Pop over to the Cake@TheRescue site where you can check out all the incredible designs.


You must complete each of the items above to be eligible to win.


Lou would also like to offer every reader who signs up for her newsletter $5.00 off on the first Cake Kit you order (please note: this discount only applies to the first Cake Kit and subsequent kits will be at full price and the voucher will be valid until 31 October, 2015. You must order by that date even if delivery will be for a later date) … you can sign up for the Cake2TheRescue newsletter here.


The competition is now open and will close at midnight on Friday, 25 September, 2015 at 5.00 pm and the winner will be announced both here and on Instagram approximately one week after the competition closes. You must be an Australian resident to enter and you must also be over the age of 18.


Good luck everyone … this is a fantastic competition and the perfect opportunity to win a gorgeous Cake Kit for someone special.


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  1. That’s a fantastic Elmo cake and how timely to be offered a cake kit. The kit is fantastic and it’s great it includes everything you need. I recently bought a kit and then went to make the cake, only to find the kit basically only contained the templates and I had to go out and buy everything else. That was annoying! I like the sound of these kits much more xx

    • These are fantastic kits, Charlie and I was so surprised with what they included. One of the best features was the disposable cake box to bake it in … I didn’t even need to find a cake tin of a particular size … they are totally “fool proof”! x

  2. Belinda holley says:

    Great designs, everything you need in the 1 kit so i dont have to go searching store after store looking for what i need. Winner !

    • So true, Belinda … it was such a great timesaver not to have to spend hours searching for a recipe and to then spend even more time running around trying to buy everything … this is such a great concept that make birthdays so much easier!

  3. This is an adorable cake! I love these kits, everything I need to make me look brilliant and talented in the kitchen! Thanks Cake to the Rescue & MrsOrganised!

    • You’re guaranteed to look like a “Rock Star” after producing one of these, Lucy … it was so easy and so much fun!

  4. I only wish i was that Creative

  5. Barbara Fehmel says:

    what a lovely fun cake this would be for my twin Great Granddaughters for their 4th birthday on the 01/10/2015

  6. Cindy Kross says:

    I can’t wait to get my son’s bulldozer cake kit with the how to and pictures I feel alot better off. Feeling excited!!