Kitchen Hints and Tips #2 … Simple Tips to Help you Open Stubborn Jars …

Kitchen Hints and Tips #2 … Simple Tips to Help you Open Stubborn Jars


Don’t you just hate it when you have to open a new jar of anything in the kitchen and that lid just won’t budge! Whether it’s a jar of jam or a jar of crushed ginger, here are some simple options for “popping” that lid:


  • Grab a butter knife and gently tap the edge of the lid a couple of times, rotating the jar as you go. The gentle tapping should loosen the lid and break the seal enough for you to open the lid.


  • Use a butter knife or teaspoon and slip it carefully between the glass and the lid and gently twist. The lid might give a gentle “pop” and the twisting action can be enough to release the pressure from the seal.


  • Turn on the hot water tap in the kitchen and hold the lid under the running hot water for a couple of minutes. The heat from the hot water will cause the metal lid to expand slightly making the jar easier to open … voila!


  • Lightly moisten a tea towel or dish cloth, grip the lid firmly and twist.


  • Use a pair of kitchen rubber gloves. Jars and their lids can be very slippery. Using a set if kitchen rubber gloves or something like a Tupperware gripping square will help you get a firm hold and break the vacuum that is causing the lid to be tight. You can also create your own by cutting a large square of rubberised shelf/drawer liner.


  • Boil a little water in a small pot and remove from the stove. Now carefully turn your jar upside down and immerse the lid into the boiling water. The heat should loosen the lid allowing you to twist it off easily. Do be carefully though not to burn your hand when removing the jar from the water as it will be very hot.


  • Use the palm of your hand to hit the base of the jar to release the pressure. This will work sometimes and not other times but it’s worth a go.


  • And, if all else fails, get someone with muscles or a strong grip to have a go.


A couple of don’ts:


  • Don’t refrigerate a jar before attempting to open it. The cold will cause the lid to constrict and hang on tight. This could also make the jar slippery from condensation allowing it to easily slip from your grip.


  • Never use so much force that you shatter the glass and risk cutting your hand.


  • Be careful when using any knife when trying to open a lid … never use a sharp knife. A butter knife would be best but you still need to be careful.


  • Be extremely careful if you use hot or boiling water to loosen the lid, otherwise you may burn yourself.


So tell me, do you have any other methods that work well?


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