The Deuce Bus, Las Vegas …

The Deuce Bus 001


On our recent trip to Las Vegas it was hot … so hot, in fact, that walking the vast distances along The Strip became uncomfortable and exhausting. There’s so much to see on the Strip and the hotels are so huge, most with several thousand rooms.


Each hotel features it’s own unique design and attractions all aimed at pulling the crowds inside. For example, at the Venetian you can glide along the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola as your gondolier sings to you. You will float through a typical Venetian streetscape under bridges and beside cafes. The Venetian also features Madame Tussuads where you can see over 100 celebrities.


The Deuce Bus 002


At Caesars Palace feel at home in the Roman Empire where you’ll be blown away by around 160 luxury retailers at The Forum Shops featuring some of the worlds greatest designers like Gucci, Valentino Louis Vuitton, Versace and the list goes on. And if shopping’s not your thing, you’ll be in awe of the overhead painted sky on the ceiling that cycles through day and night every hour, the Atlantis Fountain Show or a 50,000 gallon aquarium.


The Deuce Bus 003


Venture further south and you’ll find yourself at New York, New York Hotel and Casino built to look like the New York skyline where you’ll encounter icons like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the Brooklyn Bridge among others. The hotel also features the Big Apple Roller Coaster and a huge Hershey’s Chocolate World. If you’re tempted, indulge because any calories you consume, trust me, you’ll walk them off!


The Deuce Bus 004


The point is, these are just 3 examples that highlight the sheer size of these resorts … each one is massive and tourists soon learn they need to find a way to navigate both the crowds on the footpaths and the heat … and the Deuce Bus provides the perfect solution.


The Deuce, as it’s affectionately known, runs as far south as Mandalay Bay Resort, stops at virtually every hotel and Casino along the Strip and runs north via The Stratosphere, the Arts District, the Fremont Street Experience, the Mob Museum and the North Premium Factory Outlets.


The Deuce runs up and down The Strip 24 hours a day and is a safe and inexpensive way to commute and sightsee along The Strip. Stopping at almost every Hotel and Casino, the Deuce is a better way to navigate The Strip as taxis aren’t allowed to stop to pick up passengers because it’s just too busy and would add to traffic congestion.


Buying a ticket is easy … just find a vending machine (located along The Strip) insert the correct money and your ticket will be issued. A 24-hour pass costs $8US/person but we opted for a 3-Day Pass at $20US each. We jumped on and off multiple times a day. The Deuce is air-conditioned (a blessing in the Vegas heat), is double-decker and holds up to 97 people.


So if you’re heading to Vegas and want to save your legs, the Deuce is the way to go!




  1. My husband is currently on holiday in Vegas! I’ve never been there. He was invited by a mate who is celebrating his birthday. They’re having a great time and he has commented to me on just how enormous the hotels are and in his hotel, he needs a map to find his way around xx

    • Sounds like he’s having a great time … it’s just so hard to believe how big these hotels are. Where is he staying? x