A Simple Tip for Packing Makeup Brushes, Makeup Pencils, etc …

A Simple Tip for Packing Makeup Brushes, Makeup Pencils, etc. 001


Hubby and I have just returned from 3 weeks in America so, today I thought I’d share a little packing tip that I’ve been using for years. Toiletry bags can get a little messy and disorganised so here’s a quick little tip for keeping makeup brushes, lip pencils and other similar sized products organised when you travel … store them in a toothbrush/toothpaste holder. This will prevent these items from floating around loosely in your toiletry bag and from potentially becoming broken or damaged because they will be stored securely in a solid container. Use a thick rubber band or hair elastic to wrap around the container to ensure it stays firmly sealed and simply place the whole container inside your toiletry bag.


Here’s a list of some items that are suitable for this type of container:


  • makeup brushes for eyes, powder and blush


  • nail files, emery boards and cuticle sticks


  • eyeliner pencils or liquid eyeliner


  • mascara


  • lip pencils


  • lip brush for lipstick


  • nail scissors


A Simple Tip for Packing Makeup Brushes, Makeup Pencils, etc. 002



This is a really effective way to keep these makeup items organised when you travel and you’ll find these a cheap solution if you pick up these containers at a discount store … from memory mine only cost about $3. Just a small reminder … if you do choose to take a pair of nail scissors, be sure to pack this container in your suitcase and not you’re your carry-on or they might be confiscated! Happy travels!


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  1. Great ideas! I have some very bent makeup brushes and toothbrushes as I tend to be very careless with these things!

    • Hi Jody, make sure you grab a container next time you’re at a Discount Store like The Reject Shop or Crazy Clarks … it will keep everything organised and save everything getting bent and damaged!

  2. What a cool idea, I had never thought of using a solid container for my makeup brushes, though I usually have them in a separate zip up compartment within my toiletry bag.

  3. This is such a simple and cheap idea, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it before! Such a good tip #teamIBOT

  4. Oh that’s a great idea. Wish I had known about this last week when I flew to Darwin!

  5. What a great little idea. I really need to get a case for our toothbrushs when travelling too. You think of everything.