Decluttering (Part 8) … Decluttering Checklist … FREE to Download …

Decluttering (Part 8) … Decluttering Checklist … FREE to Download


Today I wanted to share with you a fantastic checklist that I’ve created which has helped me declutter my home and it might help you as well. And if you’re joining us for the first time, here are the links to the rest of the Decluttering Series Parts 1 – 7:









I love a list because it helps me plan, set some goals, get motivated and stay on track. It gets me thinking about what I’m trying to achieve and how I will go about it. And that simple act of ticking something off when it’s completed, well that brings about a sense of achievement that just can’t be matched.


Working to a list also allows me to break down a whole room into smaller, more manageable pieces. For example, if I wanted to get organised and declutter the kitchen, the very thought of tackling the entire room would be too big and overwhelming. However, following a list can break down one huge task into smaller projects like a single drawer, shelf or cupboard, which suddenly doesn’t seem quite so daunting. This can help change your mood or emotion but, more importantly, your attitude. It will switch from “OMG where on earth do I start?” to “Yes, I can do this and I have a plan where to begin!”


So, here’s the general idea:


Step 1: Set goals, which should be realistic, achievable and specific. Decide where you will start, what you want to achieve and how you will go about it. Your goal might be to create some space in the pantry by getting rid of unused items and storing similar items together. Set a timeframe or a deadline and to get you motivated, focus on the benefits you hope to see, which might include:


  • less money wasted on buying duplicate items because you can’t locate existing ones


  • money saved by not throwing out expired products


  • time saved because you won’t waste time searching for items which now will be easier to see and more accessible


  • a relaxed sense of calm and reduced stress because you now know that pantry will be well organised and functional


Get the idea!


Step 2: Plan so that you have your best chance of success. Whatever the project, allocate enough time to get the job done. Plan the storage items you will need to help complete the job. Use existing items from around the house or purchase some baskets, crates, containers, etc. but round those up before you start. Plan each area or “zone” so that similar items are kept together for simplicity. Plan to complete the project without distraction from other commitments, kids, appointments or interruptions. If it will help, turn off the computer, TV and phone and focus on the task at hand. Organise a friend or family member to help you … the old saying “many hands make light work” is very valid.


Step 3: Finish what you start and don’t move onto the next project until you’re done.





Download a checklist and don’t underestimate its value. A list will give you a plan of attack and it will also give you a sense of achievement as you complete each small task or project and tick off that list as you go. This Decluttering Checklist is available to my lovely readers, completely free so simply click on the “free to download” banner above, print and get organised.


So tell me, which room do you think you will tackle first?


  1. Every time I step into my pantry I can see it really needs a total sorting. It’s a job I know needs doing but I keep putting it off for another time. I really must stop the procrastination. That’s a very helpful checklist xx

    • If doing the whole thing at once seems overwhelming, just start with one part or “zone” of a single shelf and chip away at it and before you know it, it will be done x