75 + Ways to Use Baby Wipes … that you possibly haven’t thought of!

75 + Ways to Use Baby Wipes


Mention the words “Baby Wipes” and you’ll most likely think about baby’s bottoms and dirty nappies. Baby wipes, however, are incredibly versatile and useful for so many things. I love the really thick ones as they’re soft and gentle and you’ll find packets of them in various rooms of my house and I always carry some in my handbag. I’ve come up with a list or more than 75 uses for them:


In the Kitchen …


  1. Little ones who either still eat with their fingers or are learning to manage knives, forks and spoons can make quite a mess. A face washer is great when at home but a Baby Wipe also makes a great substitute and saves on the washing … simply wipe those sticky fingers and grubby face and toss it away!


  1. Wipe over the high chair quickly and easily with a Baby Wipe.


  1. Use a Baby Wipe to clean the outside of your rubbish bin each time it’s emptied to help keep it free from germs and bacteria.


  1. Cookbook pages can fall victim to splashes and spills when cooking and having some Baby Wipes on standby to quickly wipe them may save the pages.


  1. Leave a packet of Baby Wipes in the fridge and use them to freshen up and cool down after exercise.


  1. Baby Wipes are ideal for removing grease build up from the top of the range hood above the stove.


  1. Fridge door handles can get sticky and dirty but a wipe with a Baby Wipe will take care of any dirt, grime and germs.


  1. Baby wipes will remove stubborn grease from stove tops without leaving streaks.


  1. Baby wipes are perfect for wiping around the edges of the dishwasher door and hinges to remove gunk and grime.


  1. If you notice fingerprints on any stainless steel kitchen appliance, a quick wipe with a Baby Wipe will get rid of them.


In the Bathroom …


  1. I apply my own hair colour and, no matter how careful I am, I still end up with hair dye stains around my hairline, ears and neck … my trusty Baby Wipes get rid of any hair dye.


  1. Baby wipes are perfect for wiping off any excess nail polish that ends up on the sides of fingers and toes when you’re giving yourself a manicure or pedicure.


  1. Beauty wipes are a quick, easy and convenient way to remove your makeup but can be expensive. Switching to Baby Wipes will essentially give you the same result and save you money as well.


  1. Have Baby Wipes on hand in the bathroom to wipe over the sink and taps after they’ve been used for the last time before you go to bed. Not only will your bathroom look clean but it will make your weekly clean so much easier.


  1. Mascara brushes can get clogged up easily but a quick wipe with a Baby Wipe will remove it all and your brush will be good as new.


  1. Baby wipes are perfect for removing hair spray from most surfaces in the bathroom.


  1. Keep some Baby Wipes on hand when applying tanning products. They will mop up excess lotion and help clean the tanning lotion from your hands.


  1. Baby Wipes are ideal for removing gunk and build up around the top of makeup bottles.


  1. If you have a lot of static in your hair, gently wipe over with a Baby Wipe to tame that “fly away” hair.


  1. Believe it or not, Baby Wipes are great for curling hair. Before going to bed, curl the hair around a wipe, and tie it in a knot. The Baby Wipe will dry overnight and, when you remove them in the morning, you’ll have gorgeous, curly hair.


  1. If you need to wipe the toilet in a hurry, simply grab a Baby Wipe for the job.


In the Laundry …


  1. If some of your clothes end up covered in pet hair, a wipe over with a Baby Wipe will remove most of the hairs easily before you pop them in the washing machine.


  1. Baby wipes are fantastic for cleaning grubby sneakers.


  1. If you spill make up on your clothing when you’re getting ready, a Baby Wipe will remove most stains instantly.


In the Bedroom …


  1. Picture this, you’re getting dressed to go out and you notice a deodorant stain under the armpits of your dark dress or shirt. Grab some Baby Wipes for a quick fix and get rid of those stains.


  1. Use a Baby Wipe to wipe over dusty or dirty shoes to give them a quick lift.


  1. Cut some Baby Wipes into smaller squares, add a couple of drops of an essential oil like lavender and place the squares in your wardrobes and drawers to create beautiful, fresh smells amongst your clothing.


In the Office …


  1. Baby wipes are great for wetting envelopes or stamps if you hate licking them and can’t stand the taste.


  1. Items like books and DVD’s borrowed from Libraries have passed through many hands and can be sticky and dirty. A quick wipe with a Baby Wipe will get rid of any dirt and grime.


  1. Wipe over the computer keyboard with a Baby Wipe to get rid of dirt, marks, grease and natural oils left behind from fingers.


  1. Use a Baby Wipe to gently clean your mobile phone or tablet screen. It will remove sticky/greasy fingerprints but just be sure it’s not too wet.


In the Classroom …


  1. Clean the blackboard with a Baby Wipe once a week to get rid of any chalk residue.


  1. Whiteboards will also come up sparkling clean after a wipe over with a Baby Wipe.


  1. Baby Wipes will come to the rescue to wipe up paint spills after an art activity.


  1. Baby Wipes will help clean up little fingers after playing in the sandpit.


  1. Stamping is a great craft activity and Baby Wipes will help take care of ink on stamps, fingers and desks.


  1. Use Baby Wipes to give the kids desks a daily or weekly clean.


  1. Kids who are busy learning will get pen, glue and textas all over their hands and a Baby Wipe will help them clean up in a jiffy.


General uses around the House …


  1. If you’ve run out of tissues and need to blow or wipe a runny nose, a Baby Wipe is a great substitute until you can buy some more.


  1. Indoor plant leaves can gather dust, just like any other surface. Grab a Baby Wipe and wipe the leaves clean. It works on both live and artificial plants.


  1. Baby Wipes are great for quickly wiping over furniture if visitors ring to say they’re on their way over.


  1. Baby Wipes are also great for wiping marks from walls, and generally won’t leave a water mark … do test on the wall first though in an inconspicuous spot before trying this.


  1. When your little one is sick, keep some Baby Wipes close by. Wipe up any vomit and simply throw it away.


  1. If you’re trying to encourage little ones to clean around the house, a Baby Wipe is easy for their little hands to use without giving them cleaning products.


  1. Baby wipes are a great alternative to expensive leather wipes for cleaning leather couches and chairs in the lounge room.


  1. If you’re planning on painting some walls around the house, make sure you have some Baby Wipes on hand for wiping up splashes and drips.


  1. Baby wipes are a great way to remove fresh stains and spills from carpet. Layer a couple of Baby Wipes together, place over the stain as soon as it happens and then cover with a small hand towel. Step on the towel repeatedly with your feet and the Baby Wipes will absorb most of the stain but remember to work quickly before the stain dries and sets.


  1. Use a Baby Wipe to gently wipe over pets to remove any loose pet hair.


  1. In an emergency, a Baby Wipe can be used to wipe up blood and clean a wound if no other first aid equipment is available.


  1. Dusting is a breeze with a Baby Wipe as it will catch the dust rather than simply brushing it back into the air.


  1. Baby Wipes will clean grubby light switches and door handles perfectly.


At play time …


  1. Baby Wipes are perfect to quickly clean little dolls faces. Any other plastic toys will also benefit from a wipe over.


  1. Baby Wipes are also perfect for removing sand from hands and feet after a play in the sandpit.


  1. A baby wipe will temporarily soothe your skin after sunburn until you can apply some Aloe Vera gel or some other sunburn product.


  1. Most kids enjoy and icy pole in the hot summer months. Wrapping the stick with a Baby Wipe will help mop up drips and give the kids something to wipe their hands with when they’re finished.


  1. Baby Wipes are great for removing glue after craft activities.


  1. Face paint can be tricky tor remove but a Baby Wipe will take care of it quickly and gently.


When you’re out and about …


  1. Food courts are great for grabbing a quick lunch or coffee when you’re out shopping but the tables can get quite grubby and may not be as clean as you’d like … a quick wipe with a Baby Wipe will solve this problem.


  1. If you can’t wash your hands in a bathroom before eating when you’re dining out, a Baby Wipe will do the job.


  1. Baby Wipes are fantastic for wiping down the seat and tray tables of public high chairs.


  1. How many hands do you think might touch the handles of a shopping trolley … lots, so if you’re especially worried about germs (particularly during cold and flu season), a Baby Wipe will be the perfect solution.


  1. Baby Wipes can come in handy if you find yourself without a napkin/serviette.


  1. Baby Wipes are also perfect when you’re eating out if you happen to spill or drip food on your clothing. Wipe up the stain before it has time to set and potentially ruin your clothes.


  1. Have you ever used a public toilet and found yourself without toilet paper because it’s run out and hasn’t been replaced? Baby Wipes are a great substitute and will get you out of a potentially nasty situation.


  1. Baby Wipes are perfect for wiping down toilet seats in public bathrooms.


  1. Use a Baby Wipe to clean down a baby change table in public bathrooms.


  1. Baby wipes are a must on camping trips for wiping hands, faces and general cleaning up.


  1. Use Baby Wipes at the gym to wipe down any shared equipment or yoga mats.


  1. I use baby Wipes to remove sand from the kids feet before jumping into the car after a trip to the beach.


  1. Baby Wipes will also easily clean sand from the paws of pets after a trip to the beach as well.


  1. During wet weather, wipe over the wheels of prams and strollers with a Baby Wipe to prevent mud, grass and dirt being transferred into the boot of the car.


In the car …


  1. The dashboard in the car can get easily neglected so a Baby Wipe is perfect to give it a quick clean.


  1. The cup holder in the car can also suffer from spills and drips so wipe over with a Baby Wipe to remove those sticky drink and food stains.


  1. Filling the car with petrol can leave your hands with petrol splashes and smells. Keep some Baby Wipes in your car to clean these up.


  1. Steering wheels can get dirty and greasy but a regular wipe with a Baby Wipe will keep them clean.


  1. Baby Wipes are great for wiping down sticky or dirty car seats made from vinyl or leather.


  1. A baby wipe easily removes dried bird poop from your car or windscreen.


  1. Seat belts and car seat straps for small children can get very dirty but a Baby Wipe will clean them up easily.


Who’d have thought the humble Baby Wipe could be so practical and versatile? Can you think of any other uses? Please share!



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  1. That is many more uses than I ever would have thought of. I always have baby wipes in the kitchen and even though my youngest is 10, never send him off to school without a wipe and a rub. I also use them to wipe around the dog’s mouth and anywhere else that’s necessary xx