After School Routine Charts to Help you Get Organised … FREE to Download …

After School Routine Charts 001


Arriving home after school at the end of the day can be dreadfully chaotic. Kids can be tired and there’s homework to be done but a little bit of organisation and routine can definitely help to get everything done before bedtime.


I’ve created these fantastic After School Routine Charts, which are perfect for younger kids. Establishing routines will help them to develop independence because they know what they need to do, when they need to do it and in what order things should be done. Routines help them develop basic time management skills as well as promote a calm, positive environment without the need for Mums and Dads to constantly remind and nag. And kids aren’t the only winners … creating routines and habits will save parents time, help reduce stress and get rid of chaos! These are free to download and are the perfect compliment to the Morning Routine Charts that are already available.


There are two Charts that are slightly different, each available in two colours (orange or purple). Alternatively, there’s a blank chart available for you to create your own afternoon routine for your own little one.


These can be used as an interactive chart that allows you or your child to tick off each item as it’s completed with a whiteboard marker, so it’s a good idea to laminate (if you like) and attached to a wall, wardrobe or cork board. The charts can also be placed in a frame on a table or desktop. Alternatively, you might wish to use the boxes on the left side of the chart to number the tasks in a particular order … it’s up to you because every family is different with different needs. So do what works for you.


Each page has been designed to print on a standard A4 page and just remember to adjust your printer settings to print at 100%.


Please feel free to share with your family and friends!