8 Simple Tips to Help your Teens Organise their Makeup and Skincare …

8 Simple Tips to Help your Teens Organise their Makeup and Skincare 001


Ask any mother of a teenage girl if their daughter manages to keep their makeup and skincare tidy and well organised and, in most cases, you’ll be greeted with a sigh of resignation or, in severe cases, a wide-eyed look of near hysteria.


I know because I’m the mum of three girls and this has always been one area that we’ve struggled with. My girls (like most) love makeup and they all have huge collections that never seem to stay organised. The girls always seem to be in a hurry, with their makeup applied at the last minute and then tossed aside in a jumbled mess on the vanity benchtop as they race out the door. Sound familiar … come on … own up!!!!


So when Miss 16 recently had her birthday, it was time to stage an intervention and I knew just what to buy her … a gorgeous set of clear acrylic make up drawers. These can be expensive but I picked this one up for $69.99 from Aldi, which wasn’t too bad. She was thrilled with it because (although she’d never admit it) I think being so disorganised with her makeup and skincare frustrated her as much as it did me!


8 Simple Tips to Help your Teens Organise their Makeup and Skincare 002


So, if you’re facing a similar dilemma, I’ve put together a list of tips that will hopefully help:


  • The first step is to decide where you’re going to keep everything. Try to encourage your daughter to keep all her makeup and skincare in one spot, so it’s not scattered in bedrooms and bathrooms. It could be one or more drawers in the bathroom or a makeup stand like we’ve used. It doesn’t really matter … the key is to keep it all in one place.


  • Next, get her to gather up all her makeup and skincare and place it on a towel on the table and start sorting. Put any similar items together in separate piles … all the lipsticks in a pile, all the makeup brushes in a pile, all the eye shadows in a pile, all the moisturisers together and so on.


  • Now, sort each individual pile. This could be a real eye-opener and highlight just how much of any single product she may have. Encourage her to throw out anything that she doesn’t use, she no longer likes or anything that is really old. She may not realise that makeup has an expiry date e.g. liquid foundation only lasts 3 – 6 months and eye shadow, blusher, lip stick, lip gloss, eye pencils and lip pencils will generally only last for 1 year. It’s important for her to learn that expired makeup can cause breakouts, infections and even allergic reactions. She might be disappointed to throw out so much but it might also help her to think twice before buying more next time she’s standing at the makeup counter at the shops.


  • Now that everything is sorted and decluttered, evaluate how much makeup and skincare needs to be stored and plan the size, style and shape of containers you’ll need to do the job. Decide also how much you want to spend and then set a budget. It’s great if you can come up with some budget-friendly ideas but remember, it might be worth spending a little more to buy the perfect storage solution that will help her get organised and stay organised.


  • Once you have your storage containers, keep all the similar items grouped together. This will make it easier to find things and things won’t go missing in a pile of clutter. Put the most frequently used items at the front or the top and put lesser-used items towards the back or the bottom. Make sure everything gets wiped over and cleaned before storing.


8 Simple Tips to Help your Teens Organise their Makeup and Skincare 003


  • Talk to your daughter about simplifying her beauty routine so that she can reduce the number of products she has and needs to buy. This will make her beauty routine easier, quicker and cheaper. It’s also a good time to encourage her to use less makeup and let her skin breathe … less is definitely is more!


  • Offer to help! Kids can have just as much trouble letting go of things when sorting things to declutter as adults do. So, if her messy bathroom is driving you crazy and sending you on a one-way joy ride to insanity, lend a helping hand, have a giggle and do it together.


  • Once everything is beautifully organised, discuss a routine that will help your daughter keep everything clean, tidy and well organised. The first simple lesson is to return items to the same spot each and every time they’re used. Secondly, encourage her to clean out her makeup and skin care supplies every 2 – 3 months.


I’m so happy with the results. This makeup station organises everything, looks attractive, holds all her makeup, skincare, hair care products and nail products all in one spot putting it all at her fingertips.


So tell me, does your daughter have a big makeup collection and is it messy or tidy?


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  1. That’s an excellent storage box you picked up from Aldi. Everything looks so organised and beautifully displayed. I have done similar with my daughter’s jewellery (you cannot believe how much she has) but all her cosmetics etc are in multiple make-up bags. I really must get down to Aldi! xx

    • These are a great buy, Charlie because I’ve seen them for nearly double the price everywhere else! It’s been set up for a couple of weeks now and it’s really helping her to stay organised x