Cleaning Teeth Chart … Free to Download …

Cleaning Teeth Chart 001


Teaching kids good dental habits is essential when they are young because hopefully those habits will stick with them all through their life. Good dental habits will help kids develop strong, healthy teeth and help minimize decay but it can be hard for little ones to remember to brush their teeth.


Kids get easily distracted and are usually too busy with the important job of playing, so when my kids were little, a chart that reminded them to brush their teeth morning and night worked miracles.


I’ve created a fantastic Cleaning Teeth Chart for you to download absolutely free. There’s a place to write your child’s name so that each little one can have their very own chart and this 4-weekly chart also provides a space for them to tick off when they’re done! You can either print off a new chart each month, or laminate your chart so it can be ticked off with a whiteboard marker and used again and again. Laminating the chart will also protect it from water and splashes if you decide to keep it in the bathroom.






Each page has been designed to print on a standard A4 page and just remember to adjust your printer settings to print at 100%.


Don’t forget to share these free downloads and printables with your family and friends … they’ll be thrilled you did!