12 Clever Uses for Glasses or Sunglasses Cases …

12 Clever Uses for Glasses:Sunglasses Cases 001


I love creative storage ideas … taking everyday items and finding unique and interesting ways to use them.


I wear prescription glasses as I’m shortsighted, in other words, I have trouble seeing distances and also have my sunglasses fitted with the same prescription lenses so I can see clearly when I’m out and about.


Once a year I get my eyes tested and, although my prescription is now fairly stable and hasn’t changed in the last couple of years, I usually get a new pair of my regular glasses and sunglasses as the old ones are often stretched or scratched. I keep the previous years glasses to use in an emergency if something happens to the new ones but I ultimately end up with a huge supply of spare cases.


So, for the last few years, rather than simply throw those out, I’ve repurposed them to solve a couple of storage problems. They are ideal because of their size, they’re strong and sturdy and they clip firmly closed (and if you’re lucky, some will even zip closed).


Here are some creative ways I’ve reused my old glasses/sunglasses cases:


  • To store my phone charger and earphones to prevent them from getting damaged and becoming a tangled mess in my handbag.


  • To create a small First Aid Emergency Kit for my handbag. It only needs a few simple items like bandaids, antiseptic cream, nail scissors, tweezers and maybe some panadol to take care of minor cuts, blisters, etc. until I can get home.


12 Clever Uses for Glasses:Sunglasses Cases 004


  • A sunglasses case has been ideal for carrying small amounts of medications either in my handbag, my child’s schoolbag or when travelling. Prescription medications and general things like panadol, cold and flu tablets or Ventalin Inhalers fit neatly inside and are protected from damage.


  • When my kids were little I used to always carry a notebook and either pencils or crayons in my bag so that I could keep them occupied when eating lunch, waiting in queues or going to appointments. A sunglasses case is perfect to create a small colouring or drawing kit for the kids.


  • I like to carry some nail polish, nail scissors, nail files, clippers, etc. when travelling to create a small manicure/pedicure set and an old sunglasses case is perfect for this.


12 Clever Uses for Glasses:Sunglasses Cases 002


  • I’ve used a glasses case to store cosmetics like lipstick, lip gloss, small perfume, eye pencil, etc in my handbag to touch up makeup when out and about.


12 Clever Uses for Glasses:Sunglasses Cases 003


  • Ladies feminine hygiene products fit snuggly into an old glasses case and are less obvious and more discreet to remove from my handbag when needed.


  • I don’t like to carry too much jewellery when I travel, in case it gets lost or stolen, but a sunglasses case is perfect to hold an extra necklace, bracelet or a couple of extra pairs of earrings.


  • A sunglasses case is also the perfect size to carry a small, basic sewing kit for emergency repairs on the run. It can hold some needles, thread, safety pins, a small pair of scissors, a thimble, a small tape measure, a small selection of buttons and some pins.


  • Hair accessories like hair ties, ribbons, bobby pins and clips, which can fall loose in a handbag or a young girl’s school bag will fit neatly into an old glasses case. It will also hold a small comb.


  • A glasses case will store multiple sets of keys, which would otherwise weigh down a set of car keys making them too heavy.


  • I’ve also kept one stored in the glove box or console of my car for spare change for parking or small purchases to lighten my wallet or purse.


The other thing I did last year was to decline two new cases when I picked up my new glasses. The old ones were still in perfectly good condition so I just continued using them. If you would like some new cases though, check with your optometrist to see if they can recommend a recycling program or charity that will take the old cases or the old glasses as well. It’s far better for someone else to gain some kind of benefit from these items rather than them becoming clutter or rubbish.


Repurposing an existing item is a great way to recycle rather than throwing things out and it can save both time and money. It’s a great way to teach our kids some important lessons … to be inventive and creative, to “think outside the box” and to learn to make do with what they have. It’s also a great way to have a conversation with them about waste and protecting the environment from landfill.


So tell me, do you have any old glasses or sunglasses cases floating around? Is it time to throw them out or can you recycle them and use them for some other purpose?


  1. Love these ideas!