Kids Morning Routine Charts … Are you Ready for School? … Free to Download …

Kids Morning Routine Charts … Are you ready for School … Free to Download 001



Getting organised is usually achieved by creating routines and habits, so helping toddlers and young children to develop these skills is very important.


Routines and habits are good because they:


  • create consistency


  • provide structure, which in turn gives kids a sense of security


  • help kids develop independence because they know what they need to do, when they need to do it and in what order things should be done


  • help kids develop basic time management skills


  • promote a calm, positive environment without the need for Mums and Dads to constantly remind and nag


And kids aren’t the only winners … creating routines and habits will save parents time, help reduce stress and get rid of chaos!


I used Routine and Reward Charts all the time when my own kids were younger and I’m now making them available to my lovely readers ABSOLUTELY FREE … yep … no cash, no money … totally free!


Today I wanted to share with you all the first of these charts … Are you ready for School? … which has been designed to help kids remember some basic and simple tasks to complete each morning. This chart has been created in two colours, pink or blue, so simply choose the colour you like, download and print!


This can be used as an interactive chart that allows you or your child to tick off each item as it’s completed with a whiteboard marker, so it’s a good idea to laminate (if you like) and attached to a wall, wardrobe or cork board. The charts can also be placed in a frame on a table or desktop. Alternatively, you might wish to use the boxes on the left side of the chart to number the tasks in a particular order … it’s up to you because every family is different with different needs. So do what works for you.


Each page has been designed to print on a standard A4 page and just remember to adjust your printer settings to print at 100%.


Don’t forget to share these free downloads and printables with your family and friends … they’ll be thrilled you did!


Click to download and let’s get those routines happening …







  1. What a great idea. It’s good for kids to have a checklist so they can organise themselves and you don’t have to be barking at them all the reminders xx

  2. These are great! I could really use something like this for my toddlers on daycare days! And one for my husband would be very useful!! Haha ;)

    • Too funny, Mumma McD … yes, I sometimes think I should create some Routine Charts for my hubby as well, although he is pretty good most of the time!

  3. These look fantastic and are a brilliant idea. My girls aren’t quite at school age yet and I think I would need to adapt your idea slightly for my two year old. I think they would react really well to these and probably enjoy them lol. Thank you. #teamIBOT

    • I hope they come in handy for you, Renee … I found they worked really well when my kids were little … they quite enjoyed using them!

  4. These are great! I pinned them! :)

  5. These are great! Hopefully will keep me from doing the have you brushed teeth, eaten breakfast, put shoes…spill in the mornings.

    • Hi Kim and welcome! These really helped to organise my mornings and encouraged the kids to be more independent … worked a treat … on more nagging!

  6. Oh I made one of these last year for my little man! It worked a treat. Will have to pull it out again next year when my littlest one goes off to school.

  7. These are just great!!! Kids are so visual so I love that there’s somewhere for them to check off their tasks and a little image so even younger kids could follow along.
    And little ones that can start taking responsibility for their own schedule are going to be leaps and bounds ahead later on in life!

    • Thanks Sheridan … I used this idea when my girls were little and I found they really enjoyed the independence of getting themselves ready without help from Mum and Dad … great life skills!

  8. These look great. I love the little bus at the end. Found this on the IBOT link party.

    • Thanks Karen and welcome. I love that little bus too … it’s soooo cute! Hopefully you will find these useful and there will be some other great Routine Charts going up on the blog in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

  9. These are great! A friend of mine used something similar for mornings and for afternoons. My eldest starts school next year. Will have to download and save these:) #TeamIBOT

    • I hope they come in handy for you, Bec … I’m currently working on some Afternoon Routine Charts so stay tuned for those … they should be up on the blog in the next week or so! Thanks for stopping by!

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