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Lunchbox Ideas … Lettuce Wraps 001


Lettuce Wraps are something I used to make years ago but totally forgot about until recently. It’s a fairly simple idea that just involves replacing a Tortilla used for making a wrap with a yummy, crunchy lettuce leaf.


Ok, so a couple of tips:


  • You will need a relatively large lettuce so that when you remove the leaf it’s big enough to wrap up.


  • Try to use a leaf that’s in one piece and not torn so that your filling stays nicely wrapped.


  • To make my wrap nice and secure I usually layer 2 lettuce leaves stacked one on top of the other.


  • After rolling, use either lunch wrap or glad wrap to secure the wrap before putting it in a lunchbox. I personally prefer lunch wrap as it’s easier to tear the paper away as you’re eating.


So, what do you put inside? Basically anything that will go in a tortilla wrap or a sandwich works well. I usually leave out the normally sloppy fillings like tomato and beetroot so the juices don’t leak and ruin other food in the lunchbox. However, when I’m making this for myself at home … anything goes!



Lunchbox Ideas … Lettuce Wraps 002



Today’s wrap (in the photo above) included grated cheese, grated pumpkin, grated carrot, avocado slices, grated beetroot, shallots, fresh coriander and a little Sweet Chilli Sauce … YUMMO! Not only was it delicious but it was super healthy and surprisingly filling! Add curried egg, tuna, ham, chicken, cucumber, sprouts, capsicum … the possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for a new lunchbox idea for the kids for a bit of variety or a simple way to jazz up your own lunch … give it a go!

So tell me, what do you usually have for lunch? Do you have something different every day or is it usually the same thing?


  1. I just saw on another blog, a burger but without the bun – it had large lettuce leaves instead of the bread! I think ice berg lettuce is back in vogue! I do love the look of your wrap and it’s great that with recipes like this, you can be very versatile and use up a lot of what you have sitting around in your vegetable crisper xx

    • I like the sound of the burger, Charlie, that sounds delicious! These wraps are great for using up leftovers and that’s how I came to use the pumpkin … one small piece left over from a roast the night before. I just grated it and added it to the wrap … if I hadn’t done that it probably would have been wasted!

  2. What a great low carb idea! I love the added crunch too :D

    • I think the “crunch” factor is what makes it so appealing … it was surprisingly filling as well … I’ve had these for lunch a couple of times now and I haven’t been hungry at all!

  3. Oooh, yum! I think my lunchbox would love this but I think my boys would think I was trying to poison them:-P Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT.

    • Hi Bec and welcome … my girls love these but I could imagine some kids equating these to being poisoned … some kids just get used to the same thing and don’t like it when we try to change it up!

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