White Dinnerware … Why I Love Mine and 9 Reasons Why it’s a Practical Choice …

White Dinnerware ... Why I Love Mine and 9 Reasons Why it's a Practical Choice


Choosing a dinner set is a very personal choice and with so many beautiful designs available it’s understandable why it can sometimes be difficult. Over the years I’ve fallen in love with, and wanted, some gorgeous dinner sets featuring beautiful patterns and designs. But many years ago, when it was time to replace my dinner set because it was chipped and had missing pieces, I decided to go all white … and I’ve never looked back.


So whether you’re buying a dinner set for the first time, replacing one that’s seen better days or simply splashing out because it’s time for a change, here are some great reasons why white is a practical and fantastic choice:


  • It’s so versatile … you can change the look simply by changing your tablecloth, napkins, placemats or centre piece.


  • It’s easier to create a theme making the accessories the feature rather than the dinnerware and your not limited because certain colours won’t match a patterned dinner set.


  • White dinnerware can be “dressed” up or down depending on the occasion to look either formal or casual or something in between. However, no matter the occasion, white just always seems to look crisp and clean.


  • It’s easier to match if you break or chip a piece and that’s the main reason I’m in love with my “Cashmere” white dinner set from Maxwell and Williams. Not only is it sold as a complete set, but all of the individual pieces can be purchased separately. If you break, chip or lose a bowl, plate, cup or mug … no problems, simply purchase a replacement for the damaged piece and your set will once again be complete and good as new!


  • It’s timeless … trends will come and go but a classic white dinner set will stand the test of time, lasting years and years and that’s the main reason restaurants and caterers usually stick with white.


  • White dinnerware will allow your food to be the star attraction. If presentation of food is important to you, a white dinner set will show it off beautifully as there is no other pattern or colour to create a distraction.


  • It will mix and match easily with other patterned dinner sets, serving bowls and platters that have white as one of their feature colours. It is also easier to match with other white plates of a different shape, e.g. round, oval, rectangle and square plates.


  • I know there are different “shades” of white but generally very few people will pick it meaning a plain white dinner set will be easy to match to other white serving bowls and platters, etc.


  • Sticking with all white also tends to be kind to the budget as it’s generally cheaper than dinner sets that feature metallic designs or multiple colours.


So tell me, what colour is your dinner set? Do you prefer colour and pattern to plain, simple white?