How I Organised my Gift Wrapping Supplies …

How I Organised my Gift Wrapping Supplies 001


I’ve always been fairly organised but in my younger days, I used to get caught out when it came to presents. Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries used to creep up on me and I’d find myself running around at the last minute to buy gift wrapping paper, ribbon and cards from the nearest newsagency. This used to cost me a small fortune not to mention cause me heaps of frustration. I eventually decided enough was enough and got myself organised with a supply of all these items and the savings were massive.


Instead of paying $3 – $4 (and sometimes more) for a single sheet of wrapping paper, I got into the habit of visiting my local discount store where I paid only 50 cents for a sheet. There was no compromise because the quality was just as good and the selection of designs was fantastic.


I also began keeping a supply of gift cards on hand, which I also purchased from $2 shops and discount stores for 50 cents – $1.00 each. I typically buy blank cards because then I can adapt them to suit the occasion.


I used to store all these items in some small plastic crates which I labeled and stacked one on top of the other. This worked for a long time but I began to get frustrated with having to unpack the stack particularly if I needed something from the box on the bottom. These were also not stored in a practical location so I needed a better solution and this is what I’ve come up with.


I found at IKEA this fantastic set of metal mesh drawers called Lennart and for only $19.95 they have proven to be not only a great storage solution but also a real bargain. These come as a flat pack, which you need to assemble but it was really very easy.


I’ve stored the drawer unit in my spare bedroom as we have a rather large bench in that room. This will make it handy as anyone wanting to wrap some gifts can sit at the desk where they will have loads of room to work.


How I Organised my Gift Wrapping Supplies 002


In the top drawer, I placed 3 plastic containers to act as dividers to separate the different items. I bought these from Daiso for only $2.80 each. I wrote down the drawer measurements and took a tape measure with me so I could find something that fit perfectly … and they do. In the first container I’ve stored a selection of large bows. In the second container I’ve stored a selection of smaller bows and the third container holds a selection of Christmas decorations that I use to decorate gifts like Rocky Road and other baked treats. In the spare space in the same drawer I’ve stored a couple of pairs of scissors, a selection of writing pens and gel pens and sticky tape.


How I Organised my Gift Wrapping Supplies 003


The second drawer holds Cellophane bags in a couple of different sizes, a great selection of ribbons for all different occasions (bath patterned and plain) and a couple of different rolls of twine for attaching small gift cards or tags.


How I Organised my Gift Wrapping Supplies 004


The third drawer holds cards and adhesive labels … a variety of Christmas cards (large and small) as well as a selection of blank cards, which can be adapted for any occasion.


How I Organised my Gift Wrapping Supplies 005


The final two items that make up my Gift Wrapping Station are two clear, acrylic magazine holders … one to store gift bags and the other to store sheets of wrapping paper. The advantage of storing both items vertically is that I can flick through them and see at a glance which design I would like to use. Previously on the blog I’ve also shared a clever trick how I create new sheets of wrapping paper by sticking together offcuts to prevent waste. You can read more about that here.

And to finish the project, I created the labels in Excel, which I laminated and attached with double-sided tape, so that everything was easy to identify.


This has been a fun little project and really worth the effort because it will reduce my frustration, save me loads of time and save me heaps of money. Long gone is a mad dash to the shops to buy wrapping paper and cards as I now have a supply that’s readily available with everything that I need all in one spot. Just remember to take note when your supply of a particular item begins to run low so you can stock up next time your at the shops.


So tell me, do you have a supply of wrapping materials at home and do you usually have all your presents bought and wrapped on time or are they something you tend to do at the last moment? Do tell!


  1. Sandie, what do you do with big rolls of wrapping paper? I have no idea what to do with them!

    • Hi Lorraine, I usually roll them onto a single roll to save space. I also attach a rubber band on each end to stop it unravelling. Then I simply store the single roll usually in the corner of a wardrobe. Another great place for rolls of Christmas paper is to store them in the box with the Christmas Tree because it’s usually a big box and when you unpack the tree, you unpack your wrapping paper at the same time! Good luck!

  2. I so get you hun.. this OCD porn is beautiful in my eyes haha xx

    • Thanks Sonia … projects like this definitely get rid of the clutter and just make my life so much easier!

  3. Love how organised your supplies are. So neat & tidy. I tend to grab supplies at the discount shops too. Big savings.

    • Thanks Holly and welcome! The discount shops are so much cheaper and I’ve never liked spending a lot on gift wrapping and cards, etc. because it usually ends up in the bin. I’ve always thought that the least I can spend, the better!

  4. Oh wow, so organised!! I have a similar (though much less neat, and less organised) system, and it definitely helps to have it all in the one spot!

    • Hi Talia, the beauty of this is that the kids also can access everything easily and know where it all is so I don’t have to be worried about wrapping gifts for their friends.

  5. You have an admirable amount of gift wrapping supplies to organise, Sandie! I tend to print out a wrap and card on the printer, wrap it with twine and call it a day. x

    • I must admit, I didn’t realise I had quite so much until I gathered it up and organised it … looks like I won’t need to buy much for the next few years … haha!

  6. Swoon! Oh how you would be disgusted at my gift set up. I do have everything ready for the big wrap but it’s a bit higgldy piggldy currently. You’ve inspired me!

    • That’s great, Vicki … please share a photo on Facebook once you’re all sorted … I’d love to see it!

  7. Oh wow that looks awesome!
    I have a corner in a cupboard atm for paper. That’s as organised as I get ?

    • Perfectly fine, Jess … as long as it works for you and you know where everything is … all good!

  8. I do have a supply of wrapping paper, but it is all over the place. Some in the laundry, some in the study. And the giftbags, I have oodles of them. I admire how organised you are. I’d love to be as organised as you. I will have to give this a try as the end result looks great. #teamIBOT

    • Start by organising the gift bags … round them up and you might be surprised how many you have … you may not need to buy any for quite a while and that will save you some money!

  9. Oh my you are so organised. I love it! Storage is an issue at my place so I try to cut back on the amount of wrapping, etc we have by using brown paper for most gifts and then getting a wide variety of different ribbons and present toppers to suit various occasions instead. It’s working well so far, but I still envy what you have created!

    • Thanks Erika … I love using brown paper for wrapping too, and then I jazz it up with a white doilie, some twine or ribbon … it’s a really great look and very cheap too!