How I Organise and Keep Track of my Prescriptions …

How I Organise and Keep Track of my Prescriptions 001


One of my lovely facebook followers recently asked for some tips and advice on how to store prescriptions, so today I’m going to share the way I organise mine.


Once upon a time, I found it hard to keep track of my family’s prescriptions and I used to lose them all the time. It used to go something like this:


  • I’d go to the doctor (either for myself or the kids) and, if needed, grab a prescription
  • I would go to the chemist straight away and get the prescribed medicine
  • Then, if the prescription had a repeat for further doses of the same medication, I’d store the prescription “somewhere safe”
  • and then promptly forget where I put it!


Sound familiar?


Let’s be honest … no-one likes to get sick but the reality is that all of us will be unwell at some point. Things like seasonal colds and flus, infections, injuries and illness will strike and then, of course, there are other diseases and medical conditions for which some of us will need to take ongoing medication.


Being a family of 5 we usually have a number of prescriptions floating around for regular medication. These prescriptions are important because they often include a repeat, which allows me to buy the medication multiple times without the need to return to the doctor. There are also prescriptions that may only have a single repeat for things like antibiotics. Either way, they need to be stored and here’s what I do to keep track of them all.


  1. Firstly, I write on the outside of each prescription the name of the person it belongs to in large black letters with a marker. This just helps me to quickly see at a glance who the prescription belongs to without having to open it up … this saves me time.



How I Organise and Keep Track of my Prescriptions 002



  1. It’s important then to keep them all together in a single place … in other words, create a home for them. This helps me locate them easily and quickly when I need them and reduces the likelihood that I’ll lose them. Lost prescriptions can be frustrating and costly because it means another trip to the doctor to get a replacement. I keep mine in the Kitchen pantry because that’s also where our medications are stored. I bought this fantastic Card File Box from Officeworks with dividers. It’s just the right size and each family member has their own labelled divider. It cost around $20 which I didn’t mind spending because I’ll use it for years. However, if you wanted to save some money, it would be easy to create something similar using a small plastic basket or cardboard box with some extra cardboard for the dividers (which you could also laminate so they last). You might choose to use a basket on the bench, a clip on the inside of the pantry door or to store your prescriptions in a file in the filing cabinet. It doesn’t really matter … the trick is to keep them together in a single place so you know where they are and they will always be there when you need them. I store my Prescription Box on a high shelf in the pantry so it doesn’t get moved around and it’s clearly labeled “Family Prescriptions”.



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  1. For medication that needs to be taken regularly, I make a diary entry to remind me when to refill the prescription. I calculate when the medication is due to run out and then make a diary entry to remind me at least 5 days before so I have time to go to the Pharmacy/Chemist and it’s not left until the last minute. This also helps me be aware of the number of repeats I have on the Prescription so I will also make a diary entry to make another Doctors appointment to get a new prescription when needed. Some chemists will offer a service where you can leave your Prescriptions with them and they will fill them as needed so that could also be another option.



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This is a really easy way to keep Prescriptions together and organised so they don’t get lost or misplaced and after doing this for a number of years I can say it works really well.


So tell me, how do you keep track of your prescriptions?


  1. I used to be like you – put them somewhere ‘safe’ then forget where they are. I now pin them to a notice board in the kitchen and that system is working well for me although I think your system is a lot better! xx

    • I think the big secret, Charlie, is to keep them all together in one spot … just as you’ve done! It’s so expensive if you have to go back to the doctor to get a lost prescription!

  2. I keep all of ours clipped together with a bull dog clip at the back of our medicine box. I love your idea for when I have more room though!

    • Welcome, Mrs LC and thanks for visiting the blog … keeping them with your medicines is a good idea … it will help you remember where they are!

  3. I used to keep all of the scripts in a A5 plastic zipper bag (fits the scripts folded out flat perfectly), and keep this in the glovebox of the car, so I always had them with me. I had calendar reminders set up for renewals, and this worked pretty well.

    Now I just leave them all at Chemist Warehouse. They keep them on file and send me a reminder by text when a script is due, I reply Y to get it filled and it’s a quick in and out to pick it up. I have noticed other chemists do this now as well.

    The downside is that you need to keep going to the same chemist, and be prepared before long holidays. The upside is that there’s no waiting for pick ups, and that when it comes to printing out the statement for tax time, it’s all in the one place :)

    • Hi Dan and welcome … you’re so right … there’s definitely a lot of advantages for leaving you scripts at the Chemist and I’ve often toyed with the idea of doing that because I think for a lot of people that would be so convenient. The main reason I like to keep mine with me is flexibility so I can choose where and when I get them filled.

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