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Back to School Organising Stationery Supplies 001


While it might seem early to be thinking about getting organised for “Back to School”, these last few weeks of the holidays will whip by in no time at all. A little bit of planning and organisation will eliminate any stress and frustration. Below is a system that I’ve used for over 20 years of organising my kids school supplies and, for me, it’s worked … maybe it will work for you too:


  • Start early … there’s nothing worse than running around in a frenzy only days before school starts. Not only will you potentially run out of time but particular items that your children need for school may sell out.


  • Find a plastic basket or box for each child. Don’t waste money buying something … just find something from around the house.


  • Find somewhere to store the baskets/boxes. I put mine underneath a buffet in my entrance because they are out of the way. Then when I want to store things, label items or cover books, I grab the baskets/boxes and work on my dining room table, which is close by.


  • I place a booklist for each child in their basket/box. I keep a highlighter nearby so I can mark off each item as it goes into the basket/box.


  • Now I go on a treasure hunt and round up as much as possible that was left over from the previous school year. Stationery items can be very expensive so the last thing you want to do is re-purchase items that you already have at home. I distribute these items between the baskets and mark off the stationery list with the highlighter.


  • I then write a new single list of the items and quantities I need to purchase, and then jump on the internet and compare prices. Most stores will be running promotions soon for “Back to School” items so there are some great savings if you’re prepared to shop around. I will visit more than one store if necessary to save where I can. Most schools will also offer you the opportunity to buy or pre-order all your supplies either from the School Uniform/Book Shop or a particular supplier. If you’re happy with the prices, that can be quite a convenient option but it’s really personal choice.


  • Next step is to allocate some time to head to the shops to buy any remaining items. I do this as soon as possible, and I also try to go to the shops early in the morning so I can get a carpark and beat the crowds.


  • When I return home, I then distribute all the items that I’ve purchased into each child’s basket/box and highlight everything off the list as a final check that I haven’t missed anything.


  • My final job is to label and cover everything and I’ll share some tips for that soon.



Back to School Organising Stationery Supplies 002



Ultimately, my goal is to have all the school stationery supplies purchased, covered, labeled and in the kids school bags ready to go up to a week before school is due back. It is definitely possible with a little planning.


So tell me, are you usually organised with the kids “back to school” stationery or do you find yourself up at midnight the night before getting everything ready?





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