5 Simple Tips to Help Care for your Mattress …

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Do you ever think about cleaning your mattress? Even though it’s covered by sheets, your mattress can still be a magnet for dust, dirt, stains, spills, dust mites and other nasties. When you consider that we spend 30% of our day lying on our mattress, it’s important that we give it plenty of tender loving care so that it stays clean and well maintained. Not only that, purchasing a bed is a costly exercise, so I want to make sure that I look after it so it lasts as long as possible.


Here is my regular routine for caring for my mattress:


  • Use a mattress protector. A mattress protector is the simplest way to protect your mattress. I have always used waterproof mattress protectors particularly when the kids were little. A mattress protector is almost essential when toilet training a little one and will prevent the mattress from absorbing little accidents and prevent it from becoming terribly stained. I like the ones that have a toweling top as they feel softer and don’t get too cold particularly in winter. It’s much easier to remove and wash a mattress protector than it is to try to remove stains from a mattress. Choose one that’s washable and easy to remove.


  • Vacuum your mattress. Simply use a clean vacuum brush/upholstery attachment and move it over the entire surface of the mattress paying particularly attention to any crevasses. This will only take a couple of minutes but it will freshen up the mattress and remove any dust, dead skin cells (yuk) and grime. I like to vacuum my mattresses at least once a month but if someone in your household suffers from dust allergies, you may need to do it more frequently.



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  • Leave the mattress to air. After I remove the sheets and mattress protector, I usually leave the mattress uncovered for a couple of hours to benefit from the fresh air. It’s also a good idea to air it in the sun, if possible, as the sun can help kill any bacteria.


  • Rotate/flip your mattress. Most bedding companies will recommend that you rotate and/or flip your mattress every two to three months to extend its life and to provide even wear. If you have a mattress with a “pillow top” it will only be possible to rotate it and not flip it over but make sure you get someone to help you with this job so you don’t hurt your back!


  • Deodorise the mattress. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Grab a packet of Bicarb Soda and place it in a large salt shaker, parmesan cheese container or you could grab a small mason jar and hammer some holes into the lid to create your own shaker/container. I purchased my container from Woolworths for less than $10.00 and it’s been ideal … I simply labeled it and now keep it with my Cleaning Kit. If you like (but you don’t have to) add 5 or so drops of Lavender Oil to the Bicarb Soda. If you don’t like the smell of Lavender you could also try Geranium, Bergamot, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense or Chamomile to name a few. Shake the container to combine and then sprinkle generously all over the mattress. Leave this for at least an hour but all day if possible. Vacuum off the Bicarb Soda with a clean vacuum attachment. Bicarb Soda is a natural deodoriser and this process will help to freshen the mattress and help get rid of any smells.



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Caring for your mattress is a fairly simply job that can be incorporated into your regular cleaning routine and a little bit of care and attention will help your mattress last as long as possible.


So tell me, when was the last time you showed your mattress some tender loving care?






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