15 Tips to Help You Complete your Christmas Shopping in Only One Day …

15 Tips to Help You Complete Your Christmas Shopping in Only One Day 001



Preparing and shopping for Christmas can be frustrating and overwhelming and if you’re seriously limited for time, it really is possible to get your shopping done in a single day. This year I’ve got less time than I would normally have because I’ve just returned from 2 weeks holiday so, if you’re in the same situation … fear not because I have some fantastic ideas to help you complete all your Christmas shopping in only one day. It’s totally possible and for those of you who are now questioning my sanity … No, I haven’t lost my mind! Let’s go!


  • Write a list of who you need to buy for, set a budget and then decide what you will buy. This is the most important part and it’s all in the planning. Know what you are going to buy BEFORE you get to the shops so you don’t wander around aimlessly. Do your research on the internet or use your weekly shopping catalogues to locate the items you want to buy for the best price and don’t skip over things on your list vowing to buy them later. It doesn’t matter how small the item is, leave nothing out so you can achieve your goal of finishing in a single day.


  • Shop online to save time, money and petrol. I have a friend who does all her Christmas shopping without leaving the house and the Postman does all the work … love it! Just remember to allow time for delivery.


  • Arrive early at the Shopping Centre so you’ll have plenty of time and you have no trouble getting a car park. If the car is close by you can return easily to drop off parcels. Alternatively, take advantage of “Parcel Pickup” where it’s available and collect everything when you’ve finished shopping.


  • Set a time limit to finish your shopping and you’ll be more likely to get it all done. Retailers have loads of tricks up their sleeve to encourage you to linger for longer like beautiful smells, gorgeous product displays, special deals/offers and catchy music … stay focused and get the job done!


  • Visit the bank and withdraw only what you plan to spend. If you’re cash is limited, you’re more likely to stick to your list and your budget. Not only will this motivate you to stay on track, it will save you time wasted on browsing and impulse purchases.


  • Group your gift purchases together by shop e.g. if you need to visit Kmart, Big W, Myer, Target, etc. make a list for each shop so you can grab everything in a single visit and not have to return to that same shop again. If you can, try to limit your shopping to a single Shopping Centre so you’re not driving miles and miles going to lots of different places.


  • If you do need to drive somewhere to pick up an item, call ahead first to make sure the item’s in stock and try to get the item put on hold for you. You can waste a lot of time and petrol travelling to buy things only to find they’re sold out.


  • Leave the kids at home so you have no distractions and can finish your shopping quickly. Shopping with hubbies and friends will also slow you down … so fly solo!


  • Dress comfortably and sensibly … you’re on a mission which you don’t want to abort because of sore feet and blisters or because you’re too hot, cold or uncomfortable. Think about taking a small handbag so the weight of carrying a loaded larger one doesn’t make you tired. Hopefully you also had a good sleep the night before.


  • Eat before you leave home so you don’t get hungry. Skip sugary food that will see you crashing by mid morning and instead have a filling, healthy breakfast. Stopping frequently to grab snacks will only hold you up and eat into your valuable shopping time. Take a muesli bar, nuts or piece of fruit in your handbag and don’t forget to take a bottle of water. Having said that, do plan to have a lunch break. You’ll need to recharge your brain as well as your body and having a healthy lunch will give your frazzled brain some downtime.


  • Stick to your list and remember … no distractions! If you bump into friends, politely explain that you’re trying to finish the shopping without the kids and you only have limited time … good friends will understand. Remember also to stop once you’re at the bottom of the list. It’s so easy to get caught up in the spirit of the season and start adding little things to “fill out” presents … don’t! Finish what’s on the list, congratulate yourself for a job well done and go home.


  • Don’t get caught up in long queues. If you’re in a Department Store that has multiple checkout points on different floors, go to a quieter section like the furniture area, where there are no lines and fewer customers, so you can get in and get out fast.


  • Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure by thinking you have to buy extravagant gifts or search for hours for “just the right thing”. If you’re absolutely stuck, a Gift Card is perfectly okay and a wonderful gift. In fact, I have lots of family and friends who prefer them because they get to choose exactly what they want and can wait until Boxing Day when most things are either half price or greatly reduced. If you want to jazz up the gift card include an inexpensive item like chocolate, soap, stationery or a home made, baked item.


  • Embrace DIY … making some gifts yourself will reduce the amount of time you have to spend in the shops. Making your own gifts also means you don’t have to worry about Shopping Centre opening hours and you can manage your time working after the kids have gone to bed. And if you think you’re not talented enough, think again! There are so many great ideas and the internet is the perfect place to start for easy tutorials that will give you step-by-step instructions or videos. Bake some biscuits, a slice, a chocolate treat like Rum Balls or make a cake. Have a go at making some jam, chutney or pickles. If you can sew, put that talent to use. If you’re crafty there are literally hundreds of things you could make like jewellery, knit or crochet something or frame a lovely photo you’ve taken. You could even make vouchers for a service you could offer like housekeeping, babysitting, gardening or childcare … the possibilities are endless.


  • Finally, believe you can do it and don’t leave your patience and sense of humour at home. Christmas shopping is stressful and can bring out the worst in people so when you venture out have a positive attitude, cut others some slack and remind yourself how thrilled you will feel when you arrive home with your mission accomplished.


So tell me, are you up for the challenge or have you already finished your shopping?

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