Letters to Santa …

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When my kids were growing up, one of our favourite traditions was writing a letter to Santa. Not only was it a magical part of Christmas but it also gave me some great ideas for their Christmas Presents. I’ve recreated those same letters and they are now available for you to download absolutely free on the blog.


Letter 1 is to Santa and includes your child’s wish list.





Letter 2 is from Santa replying to their original letter (Letter 1).





Letter 3 can be left for Santa on Christmas Eve.





Letter 4 is from Santa thanking your kids for their treats and wishing them Merry Christmas.





Once the kids have written their letter, it can be posted to Santa using this address:



North Pole 9999


Place a 70 cent stamp in the top right-hand corner on the front of the envelope. Don’t forget to turn the envelope over and write your child’s name and address on the back so that Santa knows where to send a reply. Just pop the letter/s in a normal letterbox or drop it off at the Post Office.


Australia Post will send a letter from Santa to your child. They try to reply to your child’s letter on the day it’s received but a little elf tells me that they receive over 150,000 letters Australia wide … that’s a big task so don’t leave it too late. Alternatively, you can use Letter 2 mentioned above.


One final tip, once your kids have written a letter, make sure you copy it before you seal the envelope. I like to take a photo on my mobile phone because then I have it with me when I go shopping or I can refer to it when preparing my Christmas Shopping List.


This is a lovely activity you can do with your kids that adds to the magic of Christmas. It’s also a great opportunity to have a chat to them about the real meaning of Christmas (it’s not all about presents) and to realistically manage their expectations of what they might receive.


Feel free to download and enjoy and why not spread some Christmas cheer by sharing these with family and friends.


So tell me, have you finished your Christmas shopping or are you still working through your list?


  1. Oh I missed out on this tradition! Can I do it now? ?

  2. What a lovely idea!
    My kids don’t believe in Santa, but they still make lists. ?

    • The best thing about the lists is it will give you loads of ideas for presents and hopefully make your shopping easier!

  3. these are awesome printables. Well done! and thank you for making christmas easy ?

    • You’re welcome, Alicia … glad you like them and please feel free to share with family and friends!