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Christmas is such a wonderful, magical time of the year and the best gift you can give yourself is a holiday season that’s prepared, organised and stress-free. So, to help you do this, I’ve created a Christmas Planner and the best news of all is that it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE.


I started using a Christmas Planner many years ago and have spent a lot of time creating lists and worksheets to help me get organised. It has proven to be a valuable resource that eliminates frustration, keeps me on track, ensures I stay on budget and keeps everything sorted in a single folder. Over the years it has grown as I have added more lists, ideas, activities and anything else that relates to the festive season and, now I’ve decided to share what I’ve created.


Below is a list of all the Printables I’ve created and your only task will be to decide which ones will work for you and your family. Then, simply print them off and add them to your Christmas Planning Folder. This allows you to completely personalise your folder without the need to purchase a whole planning kit full of pages you may or may not use. It will also reduce the likelihood of you forgetting something or becoming overwhelmed.


Simply click on the “Free to Download” box on the right hand side of the blog, click on the Christmas tab and then explore the printables that are available, which include:


  • Address List
  • Advent Calendar Activity Ideas
  • Advent Calendar Budget
  • Advent Calendar Gift Ideas
  • Advent Calendar Notes
  • Budget Planner
  • Calendar – November
  • Calendar – December
  • Christmas Card List
  • Christmas Card List for Kids
  • Christmas Crossword
  • Christmas Day Timetable
  • Decorations Inventory
  • Christmas Eve To Do List
  • Events Planner
  • Christmas Family Traditions
  • Christmas Grocery Shopping List
  • Guest List
  • Christmas Handmade Gifts
  • Christmas Jokes for Kids
  • Layby Tracker
  • Menu Planner
  • Christmas Notes
  • Online Purchases Tracker
  • Present Shopping List
  • Recipe Planner
  • Stocking Stuffer Ideas
  • Christmas Travel and Packing Checklist
  • Christmas Wish List


Available soon for the kids will be two letters to Santa and two letters from Santa. … so stay tuned for those.


So let’s get started.


  • Head off to Big W, Kmart or Officeworks and purchase a folder. I liked the J. Burrows A4 Insert Binder folder because it’s sturdy and has a clear plastic cover where you can insert a Christmas Planner Cover Sheet. I have created five different Cover Sheets for you and you will find these with the other Printables. Simply choose the one you like, print and insert into the cover of the folder. This folder comes in a variety of sizes and I bought the AR 2-ring binder (because I have a 2 hole punch for the pages) and it will hold up to 200 sheets so that will definitely be big enough. This folder cost $2.99.


Christmas Planner 002

  • I also purchased 2 clear, closable, plastic pockets. In the first one I have a pen, pencil, rubber, small calculator and white out and this makes these items accessible. In the second one I keep receipts all together in one spot in case I need them for returns. The receipts are also a great idea to help me with budgeting for the next year.


  • I then added a couple of plastic page inserts to hold things like pictures from catalogues, printouts from the web, etc.


  • I also purchased some plastic dividers (10 pack) from Big W at a cost of $5.37. Now you can find cheaper dividers but I went for the plastic ones that were extra-wide so that they still stick out beyond the width of plastic page inserts. I then labeled each divider. I separated my folder into the following categories, however, you can divide yours up whichever way you like:


  1. Budget
  2. Wish Lists and Shopping
  3. Food
  4. Events and Guest List
  5. Christmas Cards, Santa Letters and Address List
  6. Advent Calendar
  7. Activities, Craft and Hand Made Gifts
  8. Decorations, Family Traditions and Travel
  9. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  10. Notes and Miscellaneous


If you want to be organised for a stress-free Christmas, grab a folder, download your free Christmas Planner Cover Sheet and start planning. So tell me, do you like to plan early or do you tend to leave everything until the last minute?









  1. This is very useful for those with kids! There are things that I just haven’t thought of! :o

  2. This is so useful and you are super-organised. I could do with a few planners around here to get me straightened out xx

    • That’s the beauty of this planner, Charlie … you can personalise it so it works for you … just download the pages that you need!

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