Breakfast Smoothies … in a Hurry …

Breakfast Smoothies … in a Hurry! 001

Summer is just around the corner and lately I’ve noticed a lot of summer fruit returning to the supermarkets for reasonable prices. Through the week I bought a mango from Aldi for only $1.99 and strawberries are super cheap at the moment with 2 punnets only $3.50 at Woolworths. So when I can buy these fruits at a great price, I chop them up and freeze them in individual serves in zip lock bags for smoothies. Not only do I save money but it gets me organised to whip up a smoothie for hubby and the kids for breakfast in no time at all!


It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 …

  1. Chop the fruit
  2. Label the zip lock bag and bag the fruit (remember to remove as much air as possible before sealing the bag to prevent freezer burn)
  3. Freeze


Breakfast Smoothies … in a Hurry! 002


When it’s time to make the smoothie, I don’t worry about defrosting the fruit. I usually tip it into a jug, add some chopped up apple and banana, pour in some milk and blend. The frozen fruit chills the smoothie so there’s no need to add ice and it’s so refreshing.

I serve my smoothies in these cute mason jars with lids that we bought earlier in the year for a birthday party. Apart from the fact they look fantastic, having a handle and a lid make them a practical option if you’re running late and want to take your smoothie in the car.

Freezing fruit is also a great way to reduce waste and it will last for several months in the freezer. I’ve successfully frozen strawberries (remove the hull), berries (frozen whole), cherries (remove the pit), peaches/nectarines/plums (peeled and remove the pit), bananas (can be frozen in the skin or peel, chop and freeze), mangoes (peel and slice) and apples and pears (core, peel and toss in a bit of lemon juice to prevent browning).

So tell me, what’s your favourite smoothie combination?


  1. I also bought Mason jars this year for a birthday party! Unfortunately, many of the guests took them home as souvenirs! I haven’t seen mangoes so far but I’m pleased to hear summer fruits are on their way in. I also make smoothies for breakfast xx

    • That’s such a shame that so many of your mason jars disappeared with your guests … we love ours and use them all the time! I was so surprised when I saw some mangoes the other day and they were perfectly ripe and ready to eat … I love my summer fruit so there’ll definitely be plenty of smoothies made around here! x

  2. Oh what a fabulous idea. I am so doing this. Thanks for the tip hun xx

  3. OMG is it mango season already? I saw some jasmine on our street last week so warm weather must be getting close!

    • Maybe the mangoes are imported but either way I’m just delighted because it’s one of my favourite fruits … nothing beats a beautiful mango!

  4. A clever idea! The fruit chopping and peeling bit is always the bit that makes me not make the smoothie. I’ll be trying your trick! x

    • Yes, I agree, when you’re pressed for time the peeling and chopping is a big deterrent!