How I Organise my Baking Ingredients (Part 2) …

Recently I shared with you my solution for storing most of my baking ingredients, things like flour, sugar, breadcrumbs, bi-carb soda, etc. The photo below shows the final result and if you missed that blog post you can read more about it here.

However, that was only part of the story because there are loads of other ingredients that I use and need to whip up muffins, cakes, slices and other yummy treats, so it was definitely time to come up with a fantastic solution for storing those extra things.

How I Organise my Baking Ingredients 003


This project was a little trickier because (unlike the other ingredients that can be stored in bottles or containers that are a similar shape or size) many of these extra ingredients like dried fruit, cocoa, almond meal, chocolate chips, cupcake wrappers, shredded or desiccated coconut and so on, all come in different quantities and packaging of all shapes and sizes. Some of these items come in packets or bags which can be easily resealed so I’m happy to leave those products in the original packaging. Also, some of these items can be used up in one go whereas others will only have small amounts left over after they have been opened.

I decided to use another large drawer underneath my pantry and directly underneath the large drawer I used for my larger bottles of flours, sugars, etc. First I emptied and cleaned the drawer and then used a couple of gorgeous plastic baskets from Stacks for a couple of dollars each. They fitted the space perfectly with room on the side to store three other large jars for sultanas, oats and green tea and my bottles of honey that didn’t fit in the other drawer. Baskets are great because they allow you to section off drawers or shelves and keep everything neatly together … just make sure you measure the space well before buying what you need and try also to buy baskets that are quite deep so you can maximise what they hold.

How I Organise my Baking Ingredients (Part 2) 001

So essentially this has been successful mainly because I’ve grouped similar items together rather than allowing them to spread out in the pantry. I think the key to getting organised, not just in the kitchen but in any area of the house, is to create “zones”, “areas” or “homes” for different things, in other words, keeping all similar items that are for a single purpose in the one spot e.g. keep all baking goods together, keep all beach towels together, keep all recipe books together, that kind of thing.

The advantages of doing this are that:

  • items won’t get lost because they have a home and are stored in one spot
  • you will save money because you won’t be duplicating or replacing “lost” items or throwing out things because they expire before being used
  • you will save time because you won’t be searching for things
  • it will help you when preparing your meal plan or shopping list because everything will be easily visible and accessible
  • you will get less frustrated because everything looks neat, tidy and uncluttered
  • you will potentially create more space
  • it will be easy to maintain if you make the time and put some thought into what will really work for you

Now, if you don’t have lovely big drawers, don’t worry because a couple of crates on wheels or baskets will achieve exactly the same result on shelves in your pantry or cupboard.

So tell me, do you need to sort and declutter your pantry or have you already done it? Also, what have you baked recently and what did you make?


  1. I love all those clearly marked labels! ? It must make cooking much easier ?

    • Thanks, Lorraine … it really does help me find things quickly and I do love my label maker!

  2. Like Lorraine, I love how you have everything labelled. And your drawers are so neat and tidy! I try to empty out my pantry every 12 months or so so I can wipe down all the shelves with eucalyptus (keeps the moths away) then put everything back in neat little rows (as much as possible!) xx

    • Thanks Charlie and thanks also for the tip about the eucalyptus … I didn’t know that one! I try to keep the drawers neat and tidy but when the girls get in the kitchen and start baking, the drawers don’t always stay that way! I don’t mind though because I don’t like to discourage them from cooking!

  3. If only my drawers were big enough (no pun intended)

    • You could achieve the same result by putting a crate (on wheels) in the bottom of your pantry if you have the space!