How I Keep my Kitchen Sink Clutter Free …

How I Keep my Kitchen Sink Clutter Free 001

The area around the kitchen sink often seems to act like a magnet that attracts all kinds of things. However, I like to keep this area as clear as possible otherwise it contributes to general untidiness in the kitchen. As with other areas of the home, I find the best approach is to declutter first by getting rid of everything you no longer need or use. Then, everything you decide to keep, needs to be given a home or a “place to live”. Most of the products and things that I need to clean in the kitchen, I store neatly in the cupboard underneath the sink and you can read about how I organised that space here.

My other trick for keeping the kitchen sink area clear of clutter is to stay on top of the dishwasher. As soon as it’s full, I run it and as soon as it’s finished, I empty it. That way dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and glasses etc. can be put in the dishwasher straight away so they are out of sight waiting to be cleaned instead of accumulating in the sink or on the bench.

There are, however, a couple of items that I like to keep behind the sink in easy reach and, because these items are then visible 100% of the time, I like to store them attractively and neatly.

So what do I keep around my kitchen sink:

  • I like a bit of greenery in the kitchen so behind my sink I have a little plant. It is artificial but it creates a look that I like.
  • Next to that is a bottle of hand wash. One great habit Mum instilled in me when teaching me to cook was to wash my hands before I handled food … old habits die hard.

How I Keep my Kitchen Sink Clutter Free 002

  • On the opposite side of the sink store my cleaning brush, bottle brush (for cleaning water bottles) and a scourer (on a handle). I found this gorgeous little “owl” ceramic dish which is perfect as it has a wide opening, is the perfect size for what I want to store and I love that it’s bright, colourful and super cute! A vase would also work well if you have a spare one that you’re not using.
  • Lastly, I use the same dish to store my sponges … I usually have three available to use most of the time … 2 soft sponges and one scouring sponge. You could also use this same dish to store plugs if you needed to. My plugs came as part of the sink and sit permanently in place and are simply pushed down and pulled up to let water flow away.
  • Everything else used for cleaning in the kitchen is stored in the cupboard … out of the way and out of sight, including the dishwashing liquid. If it’s more convenient, this could be stored next to the hand wash but because I find it more economical to buy it in larger bottles, I’m just as happy to store it in the cupboard. A plastic squeeze bottle that’s commonly used for tomato sauce or mustard would be a great option if you wanted to store some detergent beside the sink.
  • I have a 2 ½ bowl sink which also means I can stack any dishes that need to “air dry” in one of the sinks and this helps to reduce that “cluttered look” as well.

How I Keep my Kitchen Sink Clutter Free 003


So that’s essentially what I keep around the sink. I’m very lucky too because the area behind the sink is quite wide and this is the perfect space to store things like drink bottles that sometimes take a little longer to “air dry”.

So tell me, is today the day you’re going to declutter the area around your sink and what are some of the things you’re going to get rid of?


  1. Hehe Sandie I feel as though you were looking through my window tonight. I had a particularly busy day in the kitchen and it is very cluttered! :P Thanks for the tips!

    • Too funny, Lorraine … I’ve had a busy day in my kitchen today as well … I think it’s the perfect weather to be cooking at the moment!

  2. I like to keep my essentials pretty too! I have a crystal cake stand that is chipped so I do like to use is anymore, so it now sits next to my sink with two hand pump bottles, one with hand wash, the other with detergent and a small plant on it. Looks pretty and practical. ANd looks so lovely when I manage to stay on top of the dirty washing and it is the only thing on my bench.

  3. Yes! You have inspired me. I’m not going to even tell you what mine looks like at the moment. Finding a home for everything is a must. I just always seem to be running out of time. My husband built a great little brush and sponge holder on the inside of the door underneath the sink, so I really have no excuse for leaving items out. Thanks for the motivation :) Visiting via #teamIBOT

    • Don’t worry, Renee … mine certainly doesn’t look perfect all the time but it’s pretty good most of the time!

  4. oh I love your kitchen sink. That’s virtually domestic porn!

    I’m taking your tips straight to my sink! I’m inspired. Ta.

    • Thanks, Vicki … it is a lovely sink and it’s very practical and functional. Simple tips but they really do work!

  5. One of my pet hates is dirty/messy kitchen benches. My girls could not care less and leave things everywhere, but even if it is the only thing I clean all day, it is the kitchen. xx N

    • I’m a bit the same, Nicky … at least a messy bedroom you can close the door but the kitchen feels so open and on display. If my kitchen’s messy, I can’t relax until it’s all clean and tidy again!

  6. The bit behind the sink always seems to accumulate the most clutter. I chuck a lot of stuff there when I am too busy to actually put it away properly. I have a mass clean up and put everything where it is supposed to be every couple of days :)
    Our caravan has just a single sink, so I have a vase sort of thing to keep the plug and sponges handy and stored in one place.

    • That area behind the sink is usually where I leave things overnight that haven’t quite finished drying but I do try to put them away in the morning. Sounds like you’ve got the sink in the caravan well sorted out!

  7. Do you do house calls? Oh well, No harm in asking. Thanks for the great tips

    • Unfortunately no but it would be nice for someone to come in and take care of some of those tricky zones, wouldn’t it!

  8. We struggle with keeping on top of the whole dishwasher thing, mainly because we rely on Miss 17 to empty it and sometimes this can take a while!

    • That’s a tricky one isn’t it, Janet … trying to balance getting the kids to do things but getting it done when we NEED it!

  9. These are great tips!! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I hate clutter so these are great ideas! Thanks :-)

    • You’re welcome, Lucy … thanks for stopping by! I hope some of these tips, ideas and suggestions are helpful!

  10. I just can’t stand unloading the dishwasher so I will do a quick wash of dishes in sink so I can have a clear bench and sink!!!!!!!! Yes I’m mad!

    • No you’re not mad at all! It’s all about doing things and creating routines that work for you … so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  11. I really like the idea of the bowl to keep all the sponges and things organised. That’s a a fantastic idea.

  12. Great idea! My sink area is always cluttered, I need to try the bowl idea, I think it would really help to have a little catch-all area!

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