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There is always so much to remember when you’re packing to go on holidays, particularly if you’re a Mum with children. As well as packing for yourself, you often need to pack for two, three or more people. I learned the hard way what it means to leave some vital item behind when travelling, so I overcome this now by using my Travel and Packing Checklist. I print one off as soon as I grab my suitcases, then it’s just a matter of working through the list and ticking things off as you go … so much easier and no more stress! You’ll be so organised that you will arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself.

Although this Checklist has been designed for International Travel, it’s still useful if you are travelling domestically, just ignore things like Passport, Visas, etc.

This fantastic Checklist is available for my lovely readers to download ABSOLUTELY FREE! Simply click on the “free to download” banner below and print … easy as that!


  1. This is fantastic. We are off to the US in September so I will be needing this.

    • So glad you like it! I print one off every time we travel and it’s a great reminder of what to pack!

  2. This is an awesome tool to have when travelling! I like how it is already set up for you. Normally I would just make a list prior to packing however there is always that risk of forgetting something. This would work much better.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • It’s a great reminder and I find I very rarely forget anything anymore! Nothing’s worse than leaving something important at home!

  3. What I would give to be able to download and use this right now to go somewhere amazing xx

    • Wouldn’t that be lovely, Sonia … I could totally “bliss out” on a tropical island at the moment and escape the winter cold!

  4. This is so handy! Packing is hard enough as is without having to remember for other people! :o

    • Make sure you print off a copy, Lorraine, especially given that you travel quite a bit. Although I suspect you have packing down to a fine art!

  5. Like how you have document wallet under documents. I put all of my travel info into a document wallet… print outs of hotel bookings, flight bookings, tour bookings etc. Makes travel so much easier.

    • Thanks Jacana … I’ll have some more Travel Planners available soon and I’ll also be sharing loads more blog posts about tips for travelling, so make sure you visit often!

  6. Very cool, such a shame I don’t have anywhere to go right now :(

    • Maybe not now but I’m sure you will in the future … so don’t forget to come back and print off when you need it!

  7. Thanks for linking up last week. Just to let you know that I will be featuring your post this week in the Stumble Upon Link Up. Thanks for joining us!!

    • Hi Mandy and thanks so much for giving us bloggers the opportunity to share some of our ideas and stories through your Link Up … much appreciated!

  8. A great list to pin.

    • This list has saved me many times so don’t forget to use it next time you’re heading off somewhere!

  9. OK, 1-LOVE your site. 2-LOVE this post, especially since we do a lot of traveling. 3-Thanks for linking up, I’ll be featuring you on Monday. Have a great weekend!

    • Hello Morgan and welcome! So glad you love the Travel and Packing Checklist and the site. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to make available to my lovely readers all the things that I’ve created that have certainly made my life easier and more organised!

  10. I adore your packing list! I always find myself writing up a list when I need to travel and I’ve always meant to create one I can just print off. You’ve saved me the trouble :)

    Pinning and sharing!

    • Hello Sarah … great to have you on board. I’m so pleased you like the list … I use it every time I travel and it really takes the stress and worry out of packing! Feel free to share it with your family and friends and make sure you visit the Free Download area of the blog as there are loads of other great printables available to download.

  11. Yes, travelling for any length of time is a big up front job for the mom in any family. I will happily use your checklist to top up my own for my next multi-day getaway!
    Even a quick summer’s day trip can be a snap with the help of a checklist to get you organized in advance. A day at the beach with the kids is my idea of the perfect summer adventure. We have many beaches within a couple hours drive of our home, and we try to explore new ones each summer. It is so worth the drive!!
    Get a copy of my handy “FUN IN THE SUN BEACH DAY CHECKLIST” at
    Find out how EASY it can be to get your gang prepared for a memorable one-day beach adventure this summer!!


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