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Some mornings can be a bit or a rush or you can just get stuck in a rut of what to give the kids for lunch. That used to happen to me until I created my Lunchbox Planner. At the start of the weekend I try to plan what I need for the kids lunches, add any items to my grocery list and prepare for the week ahead. It also helps me plan any baking I want to get done on the weekend so that there are muffins, slices, balls and cakes cooked, frozen and ready to go. The end result is that the kids have nutritious, healthy lunches with plenty of variety and I feel more organised and less stressed. I also save money because nothing goes to waste and I only buy what I actually need.


But make no mistake, this Lunchbox Planner isn’t just for the kids! Mums, Dads or anyone really can use it to organise their midday meal to ensure they also have a healthy lunch. It’s perfect for preventing that mad dash to the local coffee shop or café to grab lunch “on the run”. Just by planning your lunches, you will save loads of money (which you can then save or spend on something else) and it can even help keep your weight loss goals on track.


So today, I’m sharing my Lunchbox Planner with you … my lovely readers. There are four different versions … simply click on the link below or go the “Free Downloads” tab on the top right where you can download your FREE copy of the Lunch Box Planner. Your only other decision will be where to hang it in your kitchen … on the fridge will be a good place to start but I’ll also be sharing soon some other ideas.


Lunchbox Planner … Version 1 … Morning Tea and Lunch


Lunchbox Planner … Version 2 … Fruit, Morning Tea and Lunch


Lunchbox Planner … Version 3 … Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea


Lunchbox Planner … Version 4 … Fruit, Morning Tea, Lunch and After School Snack


Soon I will also post my storage ideas for organising the lunch items in the fridge and the pantry, so make sure you pop back for that.


So tell me, do you currently plan your lunchboxes and are lunchboxes something that fills you with dread? Feel free to comment below or join the conversation over on facebook …


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  1. What pretty planners! I used to get so wound up over lunch boxes and they seemed so repetitive. I homeschool now so that problem is completely solved, and he’s eating better (I can do a cooked lunch if I feel like it). This would be a good idea for evening meals! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comments, Petra. If you’re looking for a Weekly Meal Planner, click on the Free Downloads box on the top right hand side of the site. Scroll down to Meal Planning, click again, and the last item is a Weekly Meal Planner. Print one off and you’re on your way!

  2. Oh these are so cute and what a great idea. My meal planner is all about dinners but I could totally use these for lunches too! clever chick xx

    • Hi Sonia, meal planning has been around for a long time and I’ve personally been doing it for over 20 years. This Lunchbox Planner is just a cute way to get organised and get the kids involved! Thanks again for stopping by x

  3. Very cool idea. We have a much less organised system in our home, but it is a system nonetheless and it works for us. ?

    • That’s the great thing about getting organised, gather up all the tips and suggestions and then figure out what works for you!

  4. To be quite honest, I’m glad I don’t have to do this yet but I can see that this would be very helpful for mums with school aged children.

    • Hi Eva, getting organised with lunches really helps Mums on busy school mornings in particular. Planning makes sure you have everything you need and gets rid of all the stress … gotta love that!