Teaching Kids Good Bathroom Routines & Habits (Part 1) … Free to Download …

Teaching Kids Good Bathroom Routines & Habits (Part 1) 001

Routine and structure are really important for kids because it gives them a sense of security … a sense that their environment is safe and familiar. It also helps them to develop self-discipline rather than waking up every day to new rules and change. Teaching kids (young ones in particular) to be clean, tidy and safe in the bathroom can sometimes be a bit tricky and I found when my own kids were little, I used lots of charts to help them remember to complete simple tasks and to develop good habits and routines.

Today I’m sharing a cute chart that I created for a friend’s little one to use in the bathroom. The chart uses cute little nautical-themed characters to remind her daughter to do the following:

  • Brush Your Teeth
  • Hang Up Your Towel
  • Pick Up Your Clothes
  • Flush the Toilet
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Please Don’t Splash

I’m making this cute chart ABSOLUTELY FREE for my lovely readers to download and use. Simply click on the “free to download” banner below, print your very own copy, laminate and then attach to the wall or tiles in the bathroom with either tape or bluetac.

So tell me, what’s the one habit you would love your kids to develop and remember when in the bathroom?

Please Note: These downloads and printables are free for personal use only. Once printed, the colour may vary from the colour seen on your computer screen. They may also be printed in black and white by adjusting the settings on your computer and have been designed to print on a standard A4 page. If you would like to share any of these items on your website or blog, please contact me first. Thank you.

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