I Love Entering Competitions …

I love entering Competitions 001

At school, I was never very good at English and if there’s one thing I could say for sure, I was definitely no poet. I couldn’t string two rhyming lines together to save myself and as for odes and sonnets, well, thank goodness I had talents in other areas!! But last year, as a hobby, I started entering competitions.

Most competitions are fairly simple, you fill out an entry form, like and share something on facebook or answer a question usually in “25 words or less”. Now, for years I avoided the last type of competitions as I never felt I could come up with something that was clever enough, creative enough or witty enough but the more I came across these competitions, the more I thought I should give them a go. So I did and in the space of a year, I’ve won some amazing prizes.

Some of my prizes have included cash, 2 overseas trips, a trip for four to Hamilton Island, electrical appliances, hampers, movie premieres, DVD’s, CD’s, Gift Vouchers, jewellery and food hampers. Thankfully every prize has been practical as I tend to only enter competitions for things I would like to win.

But please be warned, this hasn’t been easy because, for every competition I’ve won, there were probably 50 or more that I didn’t win. It has taken a lot of work but it’s also become a lovely hobby that has kept the old brain cells ticking over!!

So, I thought I would share a poem I submitted a few months ago for a competition I found on the internet to win a gorgeous Cath Kidston Bag containing some lovely craft goodies. Sadly, I didn’t win, and that’s perfectly okay, but I was really happy with my poem all the same. I hope you enjoy reading it:


A recent cupboard “cleanout” revealed one startling thing,

I have no bag (new or old) in which to store my knitting!

No lovely patterned “carry all” with zips and pockets galore,

for my growing collection of knitting, sewing & craft goodies to store!

My knitting is scattered everywhere in every room of my home

and I’m sure I’m must be suffering from “Forgetful Crafter Syndrome”!

I can’t find my trusty needles to cast on a new child’s knit,

and if I don’t locate them soon I fear I’ll throw a “hissy fit”!

And where is that new wool that I bought recently at the store?

If that doesn’t turn up very soon, I will have to buy some more!

That new book of patterns I purchased, must also be around somewhere,

but I’ve looked and searched, high and low, and can’t find it anywhere!

My buttons and thread are also missing, I just might sit and weep,

I suspect hubby sold it all in last months garage sale too cheap!

So your beautiful Cath Kidston Giveaway would be a solution so great,

much better than any box or plastic bag and definitely any crate.

I could pack it with my “crafty stash” to take along in the car,

on holidays and road trips when the distance is very far!

It’s practical, feminine and gorgeous, you will agree that’s true,

I would be so proud to carry it when it made its grand debut!

Forget brand names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Marcs or Fendi,

as an avid, devoted crafter, I would look so chic and trendy!!

I adore the floral pattern and stunning roses of red,

the fabulous projects I could complete are swirling through my head!

My craft bag would hold a treasure trove just like Aladdin’s Cave,

big enough for every scrap of fabric, cotton and wool I’d save.

So although you’ll get lots of entries, I’ll send mine with a hope & a prayer,

that it will stand out as the winner because of my poetic flair!


So tell me, do you enjoy entering competitions and what’s the most amazing prize you have ever won?


  1. I’ve won a few bits and pieces especially since blogging and entering lots of comps on blogs – books, DVDs, washing powder!

    If you like comps, head over to my blog before Monday as I am having a Mother’s Day comp, you could win up to $50 worth of goodies from Millers :-)

    • Congratulations, isn’t it exciting when you win something! Thanks for the tip about the competition on your blog … I think I’ll definitely head over and enter!

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