Easter Egg Bag Toppers … Free to Download …

Easter Egg Bag Toppers 001


Yesterday I shared with you the Easter “Bunny Tails” Bag Topper here so today I am sharing a similar version of the same idea but this time using Chocolate Easter Eggs instead of Marshmallows. Exchanging Easter eggs with their friends is something my girls loved to do at school (when they were younger) and this little project is creative and fun. It’s also much cheaper than buying individual eggs for each friend. To complete this little activity, you will need 1 or 2 bags of small, individually wrapped chocolate Easter Eggs. These Bag Toppers have been designed to fit perfectly on the “Hercules: SNACK Resealable Zip-lock bags” that measure 15 cm x 10 cm. I prefer the Hercules brand bags as the plastic is clear and free of any printed branding on the bags.


Easter Egg Bag Toppers 002


These are totally FREE TO DOWNLOAD so simply click on the link below or visit the Free Downloads tab on the top right hand side of the blog. You will find 3 bag toppers per page so simply print as many pages as you need to get the required number of toppers.


Once printed, here’s what you need to do:

  • Fill out the “To” and “From” on the back of the bag topper
  • Cut out each bag topper with a pair of scissors
  • Fold in half on the dotted line
  • Fill the zip lock bags with 7 or 8 small chocolate eggs
  • Seal the zip lock bag and place the bag topper over the top
  • Staple into place with one staple on each end


These are yet another fun and inexpensive way for your kids to celebrate Easter with their friends. It’s also a great little activity to get the kids involved with. So, from me to you, have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends.


So tell me, do you have any special plans for Easter and what will you be doing?



Please Note: These downloads and printables are free for personal use only. Once printed, the colour may vary from the colour seen on your computer screen. They may also be printed in black and white by adjusting the settings on your computer and have been designed to print on a standard A4 page. Be sure to adjust your computer settings to print at 100% to print these at the correct size. If you would like to share any of these items on your website or blog, please contact me first. Thank you.



  1. These are lovely! We’re having a nice relaxing school holiday break here, and waiting for Easter of course ?

    • Thank you Lisa. My family is also having a very relaxing Easter break … it’s such a nice time of the year and, of course, the kids love all the chocolate that comes there way!

  2. What a great idea!! I will do these in some shape or form, especially the marshmallows are tails – fab idea. Thanks for sharing great printable!

    • You’re welcome, Emily. We make these every year and, as well as looking great, it’s a fun activity for the kids!

  3. How cute. I think I might be using these – they’ll be perfect for the bunny’s visit while we’re camping xxx

    • Print as many as you need and don’t forget to share them with any friends who might like to use them as well. It’s such a perfect time of the year to go camping … have a great time!

  4. Great bag toppers. Have a great Easter.

    • Thanks Tamara and welcome! These are so easy to make and not too expensive if the kids have loads of friends. Hope you have a wonderful Easter and thanks for visiting!

  5. I love these bags and what a great idea. Especially good for Easter egg hunts as the bags would protect the eggs from birds! xx

    • Hi Charlie, they would be ideal for Easter Egg Hunts wouldn’t they? I hadn’t even thought of that. Hope you have a lovely Easter!

  6. Wow! These are great! I will be tackling my printer this afternoon to attempt to print these for the kids. I just bought new toner cartridges only to discover the printer has developed a new problem and won’t draw the paper in at all grrr!

    • Thank you Jody, glad you like them! That’s not good news about your printer … I get so frustrated when my computer or printer isn’t working, so I know what that feels like. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a safe and wonderful Easter!

  7. Soooo cute Sandie. I made Bunny Bums and Bunny poop this year – the kids never get sick of it ? xx

    • Thanks, Sonia … I’ve created Reindeer Poo and Reindeer Food at Christmas time before but I haven’t heard of Bunny Bums and Bunny poop … mmmm now I’m intrigued! x