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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Mums I talk to who experience frustration when preparing lunchboxes for their kids. You can read more about that here.

So, today I’ve got another idea to share with you that will hopefully alleviate some of that frustration and encourage your kids to eat more fruit at the same time … Fruit Kebabs. I love these because it’s a fun way to present fruit in the lunchbox, it’s super refreshing in summer and it’s so versatile because you can use any fruit that you like. And best of all, it’s really simple … just chop up your favourite fruit, thread onto food picks and you’re done.

I’ve been preparing these for years but I recently stumbled across these super-cute “Heart Design Long Picks”. I bought these online for about $3.00 per packet and each packet holds 30 plastic long picks in pink and orange with 3 cute little hearts on the end of each one. I bought a couple of packets and store them in this gorgeous glass jar that I bought at Daiso for $2.80. These can simply be washed in warm soapy water and used over and over again. If you want these food picks or something similar, check out your local Japanese stores or visit ebay and search under “bento”. Just remember to think about the length of the picks when ordering.

Fruit Kebabs 002

Not only are these Fruit Kebabs perfect for lunchboxes but I’ve served them before at birthday parties and they were really popular. I think kids love them because they are bright and colourful and so easy to eat because the fruit is cut into bite-sized pieces.

Fruit Kebabs 003


I included these Fruit Kebabs in my daughter’s lunchbox earlier in the week and here’s a sneak peek at what else was inside:

  • Fruit Kebabs with watermelon, grapes, rockmelon and kiwi fruit
  • Avocado Dip with Wholemeal Rice Crackers
  • Wholemeal Sandwich with Tuna, Mayo and Shallot
  • Roma tomatoes, chopped in half
  • Cadbury Mini Milk Chocolate Fingers
  • Custard Snack Pack (don’t forget to include a spoon)
  • Not in the picture: Apple, Moo Chocolate Milk and Water Bottle

This lunch was simple to put together with just a little bit of planning:

  • Fruit for the kebabs was already cut up in the fridge and simply needed to be put on the food picks.
  • Tuna, Mayo and Shallot was mixed in a bowl in seconds. I love the John West Light Tuna in Springwater and I buy the small 95g tins as it’s just enough for a single serve. These are often on special at the supermarket so that’s when I stock up.
  • Sticky Date Muffins were baked on the weekend and frozen. This was placed in the lunchbox straight from the freezer and it defrosted by morning tea.
  • Remember to pack all food on ice bricks to prevent food from spoiling. I like to use an insulated lunchbox to help with this as well.

I also recently shared a fantastic Lunchbox Planner to help you get organised with lunches, so if you missed out, here it is again:


So tell me, do you love fruit and, if you could only eat one piece, what would you choose?


  1. Oh you make your lunch boxes look so pretty and scrummy-looking :-) I love the little (silicone?) cupcake holders!

    • Thanks Petra … I do like to create yummy lunchboxes because, not only is it healthy, but I figure if it looks good the kids will be more inclined to eat it and enjoy it! The cupcake holders are silicone. I love these because they work perfectly as dividers and are so easy to care for. I simply wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and dry.

  2. They are very cute! And as a sandwich lover, I love the look of your sandwiches too :D

    • Thanks Lorraine. I love a good sandwich too and these ones (Tuna, Mayo and Shallot) are one of my favourites. I think the secret is as much in the presentation as anything else and loads of filling. My philosophy … if it looks good, it will taste even better!

  3. What a fantastic looking lunchbox, you’ve given me some great ideas!

    • Thanks Eva, I will be sharing loads more ideas each week specifically about lunch boxes. Everything I serve up is very simple and very achievable with just a little bit of planning, so stay tuned …

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