Easter Egg/Gift Shopping List … Free to Download …

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Easter may be just around the corner but it’s not too late to get organised. If Easter has snuck up on you, download your free copy of my Easter Egg/Gift Shopping List and get back on track. I’ve been using this list for over 15 years as it helps me decide who I need to buy for, what I intend to buy, where and how much it will cost. I’ve “jazzed” it up with a cute little bunny and some colourful Easter Eggs but it’s essentially the same list. It’s a great little tool that helps me stick to my Easter Budget because it allows me to plan and prepare.

This is how I use my list:


  • I consider who I need to buy for.


  • I decide what I will purchase for each person. I take into account anyone who doesn’t like chocolate or anyone who may have an allergy and list an alternative gift for that person. I have to remember, a lot of chocolate is produced in factories where nuts are used as ingredients for other items so it won’t be suitable for some family members with nut allergies. Other family members can’t eat eggs or wheat so I need to be aware of that as well.


  • Once I know who and what I intend to buy, then I come up with a budget by allocating a dollar amount to each person. Easter can be expensive but I try to be practical because, kids in particular, can get so much chocolate from family, friends and the Easter Bunny. I don’t feel I need to contribute to the “sugar overload” by buying huge quantities of large eggs.


  • I decide where I need to go to purchase everything. I try to complete my buying in one shopping trip so I get it out of the way. I also try to visit only one shopping centre so I’m not running all over the place. To help me plan my shopping, I grab my junk mail and compare prices and that helps me save money and come in on budget (or under if I’m lucky).


  • Once I’m finished, I file my list away until next year as it’s a great guide to make sure I don’t accidently forget someone (oops!).


So tell me, do you look forward to Easter so you can indulge your love of chocolate or does the thought of all that sugar make you a little queasy?



  1. I’m a chocoholic, so do have a rather large liking for easter… just not for the sugar high the kids get!

    Thanks for the awesome printable! It’s going to be really helpful this year with my tribe!

    MC #teamIBOT

    • Yes, I have to admit that I have quite a “sweet tooth” as well. Glad the Shopping List will help … I filled mine out the other day so now all I have to do is schedule my trip to the shops … I’m just waiting for those last minute specials!

  2. I might just use this for Xmas! We don’t go too nuts at Easter!

    • Hi Emily, thanks for visiting. I will also have a fantastic Christmas Planner available later in the year. It’s almost finished so don’t forget to pop back!

  3. I’m pretty much all set for easter this year! Just need a bag of small ones for the easter hunt and we are done!!
    Thanks for sharing though ?

    • Hi and well done for being so organised … I’m impressed! Print one off and file it away for next year.

  4. I don’t buy for many – great idea to get organised.

    • I love anything that helps me get better organised because being organised saves me time and money and greatly reduces my stress levels … gotta love that!

  5. I just love lists! Thanks for sharing this and helping people become more organised!

    • Hi Eva and welcome on board! I love lists too because they help me get organised and help me work out what my priorities are. I’ll have loads more lists and planners coming online soon so make sure you regularly check out the Free Downloads page … no charge for anything … everything is absolutely free!