10 Reasons to Make Your Bed Every Morning …

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What’s the first chore or job you complete in the morning? For me, I always make the bed when I get up (unless, of course, hubby is still asleep) and open the curtains. I suppose it’s a habit that I developed from a young age, so here are ten good reasons to make the bed every day:


  1. It’s a simple task. It’s not difficult to make the bed and a smooth, made bed just feels so much nicer and cleaner. Simply pull up and straighten the sheets, blankets and bedspread, plump and tidy the pillows and your done … so simple even the kids can do it!


  1. It saves time. It’s actually quicker to pull up the bed in the morning when you’re fresh (particularly if you and your partner can do it together) than it is to rearrange the sheets and blankets before jumping into bed at night when you’re tired.


  1. It gives you a sense of achievement. Think about it. You jump out of bed, you make it and within two minutes of being up, you’ve already achieved something positive. Now, that’s not a bad way to start the day! Making the beds also creates a sense of order in our busy household.


  1. It gets you motivated. If your bed is made, you’ll want to clean and tidy the rest of your bedroom. That will also motivate you when it comes to the rest of the house.


  1. It makes your room more inviting. Given that we spend 30% of our time asleep and in bed, isn’t it nicer to get into a neat, fresh inviting bed? I’m sure you didn’t spend all that time and money searching for the “perfect” bed linen so you could leave it in a crumpled mess on the bed. It’s also a tad embarrassing to show off a messy room to visitors!


  1. It helps you to be more productive. Believe it or not but research actually suggests that the simple act of making your bed contributes to your productivity, so make that bed and get more done! Research also suggests that making the bed improves your skills when it comes to sticking to a budget!


  1. You get a better night’s sleep. I hate sleeping in a messy bed and wrestling with a tangle of sheets and blankets. I find I relax quicker and easier when I slip into a bed that’s been carefully made.


  1. It creates a smooth, large work area. Although you mainly use your bed for sleeping and relaxing, once it’s made you have a large flat area to do things like folding the laundry. It can also become a large comfortable area for kids to spread out on to relax or play games during the day without having to shove a pile of crumpled sheets and blankets out of the way.


  1. It sets a good example. One of my main goals as a Mum is to be a good role model for my kids. It’s a bit hard to insist they make their beds if I don’t make my own. I try to set a good example and hopefully the kids will develop this lifelong habit.


  1. Because Mum said so. I don’t know about you but when I was younger no-one left the house until their bed was made and Mum was always right, wasn’t she?


So, do you make your bed every morning? If you don’t, that’s definitely okay … your house, your rules but for me, making the bed is a positive start to the day.


So tell me, is this a habit you would like to develop?



  1. Lorraine Not Quite Nigella says:

    I’m going to confess that I’ve never made my bed. We always sleep with a quilt and just pull it back up if that (but I like to keep it off the mattress to air the mattress after we sleep). Oops! Bed making fail?

    • Definitely not a bed making fail! Like I said, “your house, your rules”! I do love to air my mattress once a week when I change the sheets and then once a month I like to vacuum the top of the mattress and deodorise it. I will be writing a post on this in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned …

  2. I religiously make our bed each morning (or the husbie does if I get out in time!). I’ve yet to convince the kids that it’s a wonderful thing and I’m far to lazy to make FOUR beds every day, so they languish in unmade beds most nights. One day I hope to convert them!! x

    • Yes, teaching the kids can definitely be a challenge. Miss 24 moved out about 12 months ago and now that she has her own place she’s more committed to keeping it looking lovely. The other two who are still at home … one is trying hard to make her bed every day but the other little monkey likes the “unmade” look and feel, so she’s a “work in progress”.

  3. How divine is your website Sandie!! Love love love it & love this post. I so agree. I can’t actually leave the house until my bed is made. It’s like I’ll have a bad day if I don’t make it lol. Teaching the kids to do it each morning as will. Tough for a 3 & 4 year old but they are pretty good ?

    • Welcome and thank you so much … I’m so pleased you like it. Let me tell you a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” have gone into developing it but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single minute. I feel so much better once my bed is made and it gets my day off to a positive start!

  4. you always feel better with a freshly made bed ?

  5. I’ve made my bed since I was 6 – I have to make it as soon as I get out of it or I don’t feel “organised” for the day ? My mum has taught me well but she also says to “air” it before making it – but I can’t wait that long ? Unfortunately I haven’t taught my 12 year old son to do this, as I do it for him – my obsession with the perfectly made bed!

    • I always allowed my girls to make their beds (even though it wasn’t always up to my standard)! I focused more on them developing the habit (and then did a sneaky tidy once they went to school)!

  6. Oh dear, I’ve never made my kids tidy their beds because I never do mine myself – very naughty! We have all bedrooms upstairs and it’s easy to forget about them… i do tidy it up when I’m up there. When my hubby is home our bed is ALWAYS nicely straightened, never let it be said he’s useless. It DOES look better.

    • Too funny, Seana! Maybe hubby could take over home duties seeing as he does such an amazing job with the bed … what do you think?

  7. I cannot leave the bedroom until I’ve made the bed. Love this list!

    • Hi Emily, so glad you love the list … I had a lot of fun putting this post together.

  8. Great reasons and I do 6 days out of 7 – missed today because hubby left early and I had appointments. Thank you for visiting and linking up.

    • Hello Trish and welcome to my blog! Sounds like you’ve got a great routine going there … I must confess to having an “unmade bed day” every now and again as well.

  9. Sandie, I love your blog! I am excited to read more on your travels with three kids and all your printables are perfect. So glad I found you via Trish! Bron

    • Thank you, Bron … that’s very kind of you! I will be sharing more travel stories as we’ve had some wonderful adventures. Glad you like the printables because I’ve had a lot of fun creating them. I have so many more to share and will be adding them to the blog in the coming weeks and months. I’ve created some fantastic Meal and Lunchbox Planners and I’m hoping to have those loaded to the site by the end of next week. And the good news is, everything will continue to be totally free, so stay tuned …

  10. You’re so right! I always feel better when I take just a couple of minutes to make the bed. It really does make a difference to my day.

    • Hello Tam and welcome! I know that once I’ve finished making the bed I can stand back and the bedroom looks okay … I’m not haunted by that nagging voice in the back of my head saying “You still have to make the bed”. Hate that voice!

  11. I am a bed maker too – the minute I rise. I really hate mess (hard to be a perfectionist with 6 kids but I do try)! I always have my kids make their own beds but it is really just to get them to do the basics of tidying. Once they have gone to school I remake them so they look great.

    • Hello Jody and thanks for joining the discussion. Wow, I take my hat off to you making all those beds in the morning … it just goes to show how achievable it is!

  12. The hubby and I make the beds together as soon as we get up in the morning. The boys usually sleep in unmade beds x

    • Glad hubby helps … chores never seem quite as bad if you have a helper on board! x

  13. My reasons for making the bed are as follows:

    *Make the bed so you don’t get back in it at some naughty point during the morning when the chores are piling up too high and you want to escape!

    • I totally agree – I would be so tempted just after lunch to snuggle up for a “nanna nap” if my bed wasn’t made and looking pretty!

  14. Oh I haven’t made my bed for weeks ?
    But I love it when I do make it & actually feel that I have accomplished something ?

    • It’s definitely one of those jobs that can get overlooked when we get super busy! I just love a freshly made bed, it feels great and my room looks lovely, tidy and fresh.