How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 1) …

How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 1) 001

Bathroom drawers can get very messy, especially if you have teenage girls living in the house and they have a particular fondness for makeup. Raise your hand now if you know what I’m talking about!

Miss 21 has claimed the main bathroom as hers, which is okay because hubby and I have an ensuite and Miss 15 uses the powder room. Everyone has a bathroom, so everyone is happy! But I will own up to being frustrated at how messy the drawers can get, so it was time to take some action. Here are my top tips for how to go about cleaning out the bathroom drawers.

  • I like to tackle one drawer at a time otherwise the job gets too overwhelming.
  • Grab a spare plastic storage basket and place the contents of the drawer in the basket.
  • Now, thoroughly clean the drawer. Wipe down with a damp cloth and remove any makeup stains. I like to use De-Solv-it Sticky Spot and Stain Remover because it’s citrus-based, gentle and not abrasive. Alternatively, Spray and Wipe will do a great job as well. Remove the drawer if possible and wipe down the tracks, sides and bottom, inside and out. Leave to dry.
  • Measure the inside dimensions of the drawer and use (or buy if you don’t have any) baskets/dividers/drawer organisers to section the drawer. I used “Drawer Organizers Grand!” by interDesign from Howards Storage and I’ll be writing a review of these soon.
  • How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 1) 002
  • Now for the declutter part. Throw away anything that is broken or no longer working i.e. old hair straighteners, hairdryers, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, etc.
  • Throw away anything that has expired. Believe it or not, perfumes, lipsticks, eye shadows, cleansers, moisturisers and most other beauty products all have limited shelf lives, just like food. (I’ll write more about this in another post soon – so stay tuned).
  • Dispose of skincare or cosmetics that you no longer use and next time you find yourself browsing the makeup counters, remember what you already have at home and how much you are throwing out!
  • For any products that you decide to keep, wipe all the jars, containers and packaging and make sure all the lids fit securely and properly.
  • Place these items neatly in the draw grouping all similar items together.
  • Place the items that you use the most towards the front of the drawer.
  • Finally, keep it tidy because nothing works unless you get into the habit of returning items to their designated space once used.

How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 1) 003

So, if it sounds easy, it really is. You only need a small amount of time, maybe 10 – 15 minutes, to complete this task and, of course, once you have decluttered, it shouldn’t take long to wipe out the drawer and it’s contents every month or so.

So tell me, how frequently do you clean out your bathroom drawers and cupboards and what surprises do you find hiding at the back?

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  1. What a cute blog you have! Love the ideas you’re sharing. All the best.

    • Thank you so much, Petra – you’re so sweet. Stay tuned because there will be loads more ideas coming your way!


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