New Beginnings …



Hello and welcome to my blog!


I had hoped to publish my first post on January 1st. Unfortunately, fate and the universe had other ideas but here we are anyway. It is still early in 2014 and for me this still represents a new beginning!


I just love a new beginning, don’t you? It’s an opportunity to start fresh, to set new goals, to make new plans and to explore new ideas. It brings with it new hopes and new dreams, out with the old and in with the new. It’s a chance to begin again, to open a new chapter, to sweep the old under the carpet and put your best foot forward towards the first day of the rest of your life. Wow, that sounds terribly philosophical, doesn’t it? And for me, this new beginning is the launch of my blog … the start of my journey into the unknown!


Am I scared? Just a little. Have I been overwhelmed at times? Maybe. Am I excited? You bet!


Blogging is an idea I have played with for a while … thought about it, dismissed it and then thought about it some more. But then once that little seed was planted, I watered it and I nurtured it. I watched and waited for those first little shoots to break the ground and burst through to the surface. And finally, here it is! Like a precious new plant it will need to be cared for, it will need lots of attention and it will need to be protected, so that it doesn’t get stepped on and trapped beneath the earth once again. But hopefully, with the right amount of tender loving care, it will soar skywards, reach towards the warmth of the sun, it will spread its branches and it will grow.


“From little things, big things grow” and so it will be here at the home of Mrs Organised.


Welcome to my little corner of the web! Join me on my journey and let’s see what develops.


To be continued …



  1. Love your blog Sandie , I look forward to all your tips especially the recipes ?

    • Thank you, Julie and welcome. Stay tuned as I will be posting loads of simple, quick and delicious recipes.